A 'SALE DEED' is a legal document executed by the seller/ vendor and the purchaser/vendee which evidences the sale and transfer of ownership of an immovable property.



The sale of an immovable property is defined under Section 54 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, as follows: "Sale is a transfer of ownership in exchange for a price paid or promised or part paid and part promised. "


It is compulsory to get a sale deed registered in the Sub Registrar Office. An unregistered sale deed has no value in the eyes of law and does not pass any title to the buyer. The registration of a sale deed is governed by 'The Registration Act, 1908' and is an important document for the buyer/transferee and the seller/ transferor.


A registered sale deed can be used for transferring freehold flats, plots, builder floors, bungalows, apartments, flats, society flats, commercial office, shops etc. The leasehold properties can be now sold through registration of Agreement to Sell, Builder Buyer Agreement, Apartment deed etc.


A registered sale deed can also be executed for transferring the ownership of agricultural land, Leasehold properties (Appendix 12). A sale deed can also be tripartite having a confirming party.


A sale deed is the most common document used for transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another. It is made after the execution of the agreement to sell, and after compliance of various terms and conditions mutually agreed between the seller and the purchaser. Sale deed is the main document which contains the details regarding how the seller got the title to the property, for what consideration the seller is selling the property to the present buyer and assurance to the purchaser that the property is free from all encumbrances and liabilities, etc. A sale deed acts as an essential document for the further sale of the property by the purchaser as it establishes the proof of ownership of the property.



Important points to note in relation to registration of Sale Deed:


1. Stamp duty and transfer duty is payable.


2. Registration fee is payable.


3. The stamp duty is payable on the Sale deed as per the Circle rates fixed by the Revenue Department of Govt.of Maharashtra for the locality in which property is situated . If the sale consideration is more than the minimum circle rates fixed by the Govt., then the stamp duty will be calculated on the sale consideration amount mentioned in the Sale deed.


4. Both the Vendor(s) and Vendee(s) have to be present along with their two passport size photographs and identification documents i.e. AADHAR Card and PAN Card.


5. Two witnesses along with identification documents i.e. Aadhar Card need to be present in the Sub Registrar Office for the Registration of Sale Deed.



Important Clauses in a Sale Deed:


A sale deed is one of the most valuable legal documents in a transaction involving the transfer of a property. A sale deed is drafted by a legal draftsman on a non-judicial stamp paper of the requisite value as prescribed by the Stamp act of the particular state concerned. Some of the important clauses that are included while preparing a sale deed are as follows:


Description of the Parties: A sale deed must start with clear description of the parties. The sale deed must contain the Party’s names, their Father/ Husband’s Name and their complete addresses.


Date and Place : A Sale Deed must mention the Date and Place of execution of the Sale Deed by the Seller and the Buyer.


Description of the Property: A valid sale deed must contain the full description of the property which is the subject matter of sale. It must mention whether the property under transfer is a freehold or leasehold and the type i.e. Apartment, Floor, Flat, Plot, Bungalow, Shop, office etc. It must include identification number, total plot area, construction details as well as its location with its surrounding areas. A schedule of the property must be included in the sale deed which will define the exact location where the property is actually situated.


Sale consideration : A sale deed must include the clause stating the sale consideration/amount as agreed between the seller and the buyer, and which has to be paid by the buyer to the seller on the execution of the sale deed.


Passing of the title: A sale deed should contain the clause specifying the time when the title of the property will pass to the purchaser. Once the title of the immovable property is transferred, all the rights will pass to the purchaser.


Indemnity provisions : A seller must clear all the statutory charges i.e. property tax, electricity charges, water bills, cess, society charges, maintenance charges and all other charges relating to the property upto the date of execution of the sale deed. In case there is any encumbrance on the property, the seller needs to repay the loan amount. It is the duty of the buyer to verify the encumbrance status by conducting a title search and getting an Encumbrance Certificate.


Execution: Once the Sale Deed is prepared all the parties to the deed shall execute it by affixing their signatures and thumb impressions. Each page should be signed by the seller as well as the buyer. Any alteration, addition or deletion is to be authenticated by signatures of both the parties.


Registration: According to Section 17 of ‘The Registration Act, 1908’, the registration of an immovable property is compulsory if the value of the property exceeds Rs. 100/- and it is the registration of the property which makes the sale valid. For getting the registration done, both the parties must present themselves in the sub-registrar office with the original documents within four months from the date of execution. A stamp duty and a registration fee has to be paid by the purchaser to the sub-registrar for getting the registration done.


Witnesses: The executed sale deed should be witnessed by at least two witnesses, one of whom should preferably be from the seller’s side and the other one from the buyer’s side, giving their full names, addresses and signatures.


Original documents: Once the property gets registered under the Registration Act, all the original documents of the sold property have to be handed over by the seller to the purchaser.


Other important Clauses:


Responsibilities and timeline for the procedures to be completed


All expenditures such as stamp duty, drafting and registration fee and the distribution of these expenses between the parties.


Declaration by the seller that the property is not subject to any government acquisition


The nature of the title detained by the seller, including any encumbrance such as lease, mortgage, or charge on the property.



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Palashi, Palasner, Pankheda, Pashta, Patan, Patibedaki, Patonda, Perejpur, Phophare, Piloda, Pimpalgaon, Pimpalkhuta, Pimpalner, Pimparkheda, Pimplod, Pimpri, Pinjarzadi, Prakasha, Pratappur, Pratappur, Purmepada, Purushottam Nagar, Radikalam, Raikhed, Raingaon, Rainpada, Raipur, Raisingpur, Rajabardi, Rajale, RajMohi, Rajvira, Rami, Rami, Rampur, Ramwadi, Ranala, Ranipur, Ranjane, Rohane, Rohini, Rohod, Runmaili, S F BHADNE, Sadgaon, Sakri, Dhule, Salve, Samode, Samsherpur, Sangvi, Sarangkheda, Satarne, Savaimukti, Savalde, Shahada, Shahada Town, Shahane, Shanimandal, Shegave, Shehi, Shelti, Shendwad, Shenpur, Shevade, Shevge, Shewali, Shinde, Shindkheda, Shirdhane, Shirdhane, Shirpur, Shirsole, Shirud digar, Shirud, Shirve, Sindgavhan, Sisa, Sonare Digar, Sonewadi, Songir, Songirpada, Sonwad, Srawani, Sukapur, Sukwad, Sule, Sulvade, Sundarde Digar, Suray, Survani, Sutare, Talai, Talamba, Taloda, Talvade, Talve, Tamasvadi, Tamthare, Tarhadi T T , Tarhadkasbe, Tavkheda, Tekvade, Tembhe, Tembhe, Thalner, Thanepada, Tikhi, Titane, Tonde, Toranmal, Torkheda, Tulaja, Udane, Umarde, Umarde KH, Umarpatta, Umbharti, Untavad, Upper Shirpur, Vadali, Nandurbar, Vadfali, Vadfali, Vadgaon, Vadjai, Vaijali, Vaindane, Valvadi, Vani, Vanyavihir, Vardhane, Vardhe, Varkheda, Varpada, Varshi, Varud, Varul, Varul, Varzadi, Vasalai, Vaskhedi, Vasmar, Vehergaon, Velhane, Velli, Vikharan, Shirpur, Vikharan, Vikhran, Vinchur, Virdel, Visarwadi, Vishvanath, Vitai, Wadi, Waghadi, Waghadi Bk, Waghale, Wakvad, Walkheda, War, Warsa, Wasardi, Wathode, Wavad, Waypur, Zende Anjan, Adgaon, Adgaon, Akhatwade, Amadade, Amalgaon, Amalner Pratap Nagar, Amalner, Jalgaon, AmbaPimpri, Amoda, Anjanvihire, Anjanvihire, Anturli, Anturli Bk, Anturli Kh, Asankheda, Asoda, Audyogik Vasahat Jalgaon, Avhane, Badarkha Hardo, Bahadarpur, Jalgaon, Bahal, Bahute, Balad, Bambhori, Bambrud , R , Bambrud Bk, Beldarwadi, Bhadgaon, Bhadli BK, Bharvas, Bhatkheda, Bhaur, Bhavarkheda, Bhilali, Bhokar, Bholane, Bholane, Bhone, Bhoras, Bilakhed, Bohare, Bole, Borgaon BK, Borkheda, Borkheda, Bornar, Brahmanshevge, C T Mill Road, Chalisgaon Adarsha Nagar, Chalisgaon, Chalisgaon R S, Chalisgaon Town, Chandsar, Chaubari, Chinchapura, Chincholi, Chorgaon, Chorwad, Dahigaon, Dahivad, Dahivad, Dangar Bk, Dangri, Daskebardi, Deogaon, Jalgaon, Deoli, Devgaon, Dhamangaon, Dhamangaon, Dhanora, Dhanwad, Dhar, Dharangaon, Dheku, Dholi, Dhul Pimpri, Dodhwad, Dongaon, Eklahare, Erandol, Farkande, Galan, Galwade BK, Gandhali, Ganeshpur, Ghodegaon, Girad, Gondgaon, Goradkheda, Gudhe, Hanamantkheda, Hatale, Hatgaon, Hedave, Hingona BK, Hingona Kh, Hirapur, Hol Pimpri, Idgaon, Jaitpir, Jalgaon Bazar, Jalgaon Collectorate, Jalgaon, Jalgaon Kawarnagar, Jalgaon Navi Peth, Jalgaon Peth, Jalgaon Premnagar, Jalke, Jalod, Jambhore, Jamda, Janve, Javkheda, Jirali, Juwardi, Kadgaon, Kadholi, Kajgaon, Jalgaon, Kalali, Kalamsare, Kalmadu, Kanalda, Kandari, Karankheda, Kargaon, Karmad, Kasampura, Kasoda, Kathora, Kavpimpri, Khadakdeola, Khadke Bk, Khadke Kh, Khadki bk, Khadki Sim, Kharchi, Kharde, Kharjai, Khedgaon, N , Khedgaon Kh, Khedgaon, Jalgaon, Kherde, Kinod, Kolgaon, KolPimpri, Kunzar, Kurangi, Kurhad, Kurhe Kh, Kusumbe Kh, Lohara, Lohari Bk, Lohatar, Lon BK, Lon Pirache, Londhave, Londhe, Lonje, M J College Jalgaon, Maheji, Mahindale, Malshevge, Mamurabad, Mandal, Mangrul, Mangrul, Marwad, Mathgavan, Mehunbare, Mhasave, Mhasawad, Jalgaon, Mohadi, Mondhale, Mudi, Mundane, N M University Jalgaon, Nagaon, Nagardeola RS, Nagardeola, Nanded, Nandra, Nandra Pachora, Neri, Nimb, Nimbhora, Nimbhora, Nimbhori, Nipane, Ozar, Pachora, Padmalay, Pahan, Palaskheda Sim, Paldhi, Pardhade, Parola SO, Pastane Bk, Pathari, Patne, Patonda, Patonda, Phapore, Phupnagari, Picharde, Pilkhod, Pilode, Pimpale, Pimpalgaon, Pimpali, Pimpalkotha, Pimparkhed, Pimparkhed, Pimprala SO, Pimpri Bk, Pimpri Khurd, Pohare, Rajwad, Ranaiche, Ranjangaon, Ravanje Bk, Ringangaon, Rohini, Rotwad, Sadavan, Sakre, Salve, Samner, Sangvi, Sarbete, Sarole Bk, Sarve, Satgaon, Satkheda, Savde, Savkheda, Savkheda Bk, Savkheda Hol, Saygaon, Shahapur, Shelave, Shevage, Shindad Bk, Shindi, Shindi, Shirasgaon, Shirasmani, Shirsale, Shirsoli, Shirud, Shivani, Shivare Digar, Sonwad, Takali Bk, Takali PD, Takarkheda, Talai, Talegaon, Talonde Digar, Tamaswadi, Tambole, Tandulwadi, Tarkheda, Tarsod, Tarwade, Taskheda, Tehu, Titvi, Toli, Toli Kh, Umale, Umbarkhed, Undirkhede, Upkhed, Utran, Vadale Vadli, Vade, Vadgaon Ambe, Vadgaon Bk, Vadgaon Kh, Vadgaon Lambe, Vadji, Vadli, Vankothe, Varad Bk, Varad Kh, Varkhede BK, Varkhedi, Vavadade, vavade, Veruli Kh, Vikharan, Vitner, Vivekanand nagar Pachora, Wadi, Waghadu, Waghali, Zurkheda, Adampur, Adgaon, Aitala, Alandi, Alur, Ambadi, Ambulga, Ambulga, Andbori, Andbori, Anjankhed, Anmal, Apparaopeth, Ardhapur, Arjapur, Arli, Asarjan, Ashoknagar, Nanded, Ashta, Ashti, Ashtoor, Asoli, Atkali, Bachoti, Badur, Bahadarpura, Balegaon, Ballur, Bamni, Banchincholi, Barad, Baradshewala, Barasgaon, Barbada, Barhali, Barul, Belkoni BK, Belkoni Kh, Bembari, Bendi, Berli, Berli BK, Betmogara, Betsangavi, Bhategaon, Bhayegaon, Bhendegaon KH, Bhishi, Bhokar, Bhopala , Bhorad, Bhoshi, Bhutan Hipparga, Bijegaon, Bijur, Billali, Biloli, Bitnal, Bodhadi KH, Bodhadi, Bolegaon, Bolka, Bolsa, Bolsa, Bomnali, Bondgavan, Bori BK, Bothi, Chabhara, Chaitanynagar Nanded , Chandola, Chauphala, Chikala, Chikana, Chikhali, Chikhali, Chikhali, Chinchala, Chinchgavan, Chinchkhed, Chincholi, Chondi, Choramba, Chuncha, Cidco Nanded, Dabhad, Dagadgaon, Dahegaon, Daheli, Dahelitanda, Dahikalamba, Dapaka G, Dapka Raja, Daregaon, Darsangvi, Darsangvi, Dattmanjari, Degaon, Degaon, Degaon BK, Degloor, Degloor Town, Delub, Deoshi, Deothana, Dhanegaon, Dhanora, Dhanora, Dhanora, Dhanora, Dhanora, Dharmabad, Dhoki, Digadi, Digras, Digras, Dogargaon, Dongaon, Dongaon KH, Dongargaon, Dudhad, Dugaon, Dundra, Eklara, Gadga, Gaglegaon, Gaul, Ghodaj, Ghogari, Ghoti, Ghungarala, Gojegaon, Gokunda, Golegaon, Golegaon, Gonar, Gondegaon, Gondemahagaon, Gondjevali, Gondwadsa, Gorlegaon, Gortha, Guntur, Hadgaon, Hadoli, Hadoli J, Hadsani, Halda, Halda, Halli, Halni, Hanegaon, Hardaf, Hardaf, Hastara, Hatral, Hawarga, Himayatnagar, Hingani, Hipparga Mal , Honwadaj, Hottal, Hungunda, Hussa, Iregaon, Islapur, Itwara Nanded, Ivaleshwar, Jahur, Jaldhara, Jamb B K, Jambhala, Jarikot, Jarur, Jawalgaon, Jawarala, Joshisangavi, Kahala, Kakandi, Kalambar, Kalambar, Kamari, Kamjalga, Kamtha, Kamthala, Kancholi, Kandhar, Kandli, Kandli KH, Kangthi, Kanki, Kapsi, Karadkhed, Karanji, Karegaon, Karimabad Nanded, Karkheli, Karla, Karla Kalam, Kasarkheda, Kasrali, Katkalamba, Kaudgaon, Kautha, Kawalgaon, Kawana, Kerur, Kesrali, Khadki, Khambala, Khanapur, Khandgaon, Kharabkhandgaon, Khatgaon, Khatgaon, Kinala, Kini, Kinwat, Kiwala, Koklegaon, Koklegaon, Kolambi, Kolhari, Kolheborgaon, Koli, Kopra, Kosmet, Kothari, Kothari, Krushnur, Kundalwadi, Kundrala, Kunmarpalli, Kuntur, Kupti, Kupti, Kurula, Laghul, Laglud, Lahan, Lakhamapur, Lakshminagar, Limbgaon, Lingi, Loha, Loha, Lohgaon, Lohrala, Loni, Loni, Loni, Machindrapardi, Machnur, Madnapur, Mahore, Nanded, Malakaguda, Malakjamb, Malakoli, Malborgaon, Malegaon, Malegaon Makta, Malegaon, Malkapur, Malkautha, Manatha, Mandava, Mandvi, Nanded, Mangalsangavi, Mangnali, Mangrul, Manjram, Manoor, Manoor, Manur, Maralak, Maregaon, Markhel, Martala, Martoli, Marwali, Matul, Mendka, MIDC, Millgate Nanded, Moghali, Mohapur, Motarga, Mudkhed Station, Mugaon, Mugat, Mukhed, Mukramabad, Mulzara, Mungashi, Nagapur, Nagzari, Naigaon, Nanded, Nanded, Nanded Town, Nandgaon, Nandgaon Tanda, Nandur, Nandusa, Narangal, Narsi, Navandi, Nayamondha Nanded, Nehrunagar, Nerli, Nichpur, Nimgaon, Nirala, Niwgha, Niwgha, Osmannagar, Nanded, P Sawargaon, Padsa, Pala, Palaj, Palsa, Palsi, Panbhoshi, Pandhara, Pandhurana, Pangara, Panshewadi, Papalwadi, Pardi KH, Pardi Makta, Paroti, Pathari, Pathrad, Patoda, Patoda, Patoda, Pawana, Penoor, Pethwadaj, Pewa, Phulwal, Pimpalgaon, Pimpalgaon, Pimpalgaon, Pimparkhed, Pota BK, Punegaon, Rahati, Raher, Raipurtanda, Raiwadi, Rajgad, Rajura BK, Ramtirth, Ratoli, Ravangaon, Ravankola, Ravi, Risangaon, Ritha, Rohipimpalgaon, Rui, Rui, Rui, Rui BK, Sachkhand Nanded, Sagroli, Saiphal, SakrunaikTanda, Salegaon, Sangvi, Sarkhani, Sarsam, Sattiguda, Sawaleshwar, Sawali, Sawali, Sawana, Sawargaon, Sawargaon, Sawargaon, Sawarmal, Shahapur, Nanded, Shaniwarpeth, Shankarnagar, Shekapur, Shelgaon, Shelgaon, Shelgaon, Shemboli, Shewadi, Shewala, Shikara, Shilvani, Shirad, Shiradhone, Shirur, Shirur Dabhade, Shivajinagar, Nanded, Shivani, Sindgi, Sindhi, Sindkhed, Singarwadi, Singoda, Siranjani, Somthana, Sonari, Sonkhed, SRTMU Nanded, Sugaon, Sugaon, Sujlegaon, Sunegaon, Tadkhel, Takli, Talang, Talani, Talegaon, Talegaon, Talhari, Talni, Tamlur, Tamsa, Taroda BK, Taroda Road Nanded, Telki, Tembhurni, Thadihiparga, Thara, Theraban, Totamba, Tulshi, Tuppa, Umara, Umardari, Umraj, Umri, Umri, Umri, J, Unakdev, Unchegaon, Unchegaon, Undri, Vasantnagar, Virsani, Vishnupuri, Wadepuri, Wadgaon, Wadi BK, Wadoli, Wadsa, Waghalwada, Waghi, Wai, Waipana, Wajegaon, Waka, Wakad, Walag, Walki, Walki, Wannali, Wanola, Wartala, Warwant, Wasur, Wazar, Yeoti, Yeshwantnagar Nanded, Yetala, Abulga BK, Achler, Ahmedpur, Latur, Ajni, BK, Akulga Rani, Alani, Almala, Aloor, Ambegaon Masalga, Ambejavalge, Ambhi, Anala, Anandnagar, Osmanabad, Andora, Andora, Andori, Anjansonda, Ankulga Sayed, Ansarwada, Ansurda, Antargaon, Antarwali, Apsinga, Arali Bk , Arali Khurd, Arangaon, Arani, Ashiv, Ashta, Kasar, Ashta, Ashta, Asu, Atnoor, Atola, Aurad, Aurad Shahajani, Ausa, Awad Shirpura, Awalkonda, Babhalgaon, Badur, Balsur, Bamni, Bamniwadi, Banshelki, Barul, Bavi, YRM, Bavi, Bawachi, Bedga, Belamb, Belkund, Bembli, Bhada, Bhandarwadi, Bhatangali, Bhatangli, Bhatsirpura, Bhavani Mandir Tuljapur, Bheta, Bhokrama, Bholegaon, Bhoom, Bhusani, Bhutmugali, Bittergaon, Bokangaon, Bolegaon, Boral, Borda, Borgaon, NLD, Borgaon Dargi, Borgaon, Latur, Bori, Borphal, Borsuri, Budhada, Bukanwadi, Chakur, Chapoli, Chavani Hipperga, Chera, Chikhali, Chikhali, Chikurda, Chilwadi, Chincali, S, Chincholi Ballalnath, Chincholi Bhuyar, Chincholi Jahagir, Chincholi Pan, Chincholi Tapse, Chinchondi, Chinchpur Bk , Chinchpur Dhage, Chivari, Chorakhali, Dahiphal, Daithana, Dalimb, Darphal, Dasmegaon, Dastapur, Dawan Hipperga, Dawangaon, De Vtala, Deodhanora, Deokurali, Deolali, Deolali, Deolali, Deoni, Deosinga, Deulwadi, Devangra, Devarjan, Dhalegaon, Dhamangaon, Dhamangaon, Dhanegaon, Dhanora, Dhanora, Dhanuri, Dharur, Dhoki, Dhondi Hipperga, Dhorala, Diggi, Dighol, Domgaon, Dongarshelki, Donja, Ekurga, Ekurga, Gad, Sonegaon, Gadwad, Gandhora, Ganegaon, Ganga Hipparga, Gangapur, Ganjur, Gategaon, Gaur, Ghansargaon, Gharani, Ghargaon, Gharsoli, Ghatangri, Ghatpimpri, Ghodki, Ghonshi, Girwali, Gojwada, Gondgaon, Gour, Govindpur, Gudsur, Gunjarga, Gunjoti, Gurnal, Gutti, Hadga, Hadolti, Hadongri, Hagloor, Halgara, Halki, Halli, Halsi, Handargulli, Hangarga, NLD, Hangarga, Harangul BK, Harangul KH, Haregaon, Hari Javalga, Harwadi, Harwargaon, Hasegaon, Hasori BK, Hatola, Hatte Road Latur, Hatterga Halsi, Helamb, Her, Hingalajwadi, Hipalner, Hippalgaon, Hippalgaon, Hipparga Rava, Hipperga Kajala, Hipperga Sayad, Hismabad, Holi, Honali, Horti, Hosur, Ida Pida, Ieet, Indapur, Irla, Itkal, Itkur, Izora, Jagaji, Jagalpur, BK, Jakekur, Jalkot, NLD, Jalkot, Jamb, Janwal, Javalga, Javali, Jawala, BK, Jawala, Nizamudin, Jawala Kh , Jawalga Pomodevi, Jewali, Jewali, Jewari, JJJKSSK Nalegaon, Kaban Sangvi, Kadaknathwadi, Kadepur, Kadher, Kajala, Kakramba, Kaldeo Nimbala, Kallam, Kallambgaon, Kallur, Kalmugali, Kamegaon, Kamkheda, Kandari, Kanegaon, Kangara, Kanherwadi, Kapilapuri, Karadkhed, Karajkheda, Karanjkalla, Karla, Kasagi, Kasarkheda, Kasarsirsi, Kasasr Belkunda, Kasbe Tadvale, Kasti Bk , Kate Javalga, Katgaon, Katgaon, Kati, Kawa, Kawatha, OMG, Kawathali, Kelgaon, Kesar Javalga, Keshegaon, Keshegaon, Khadgaon, Khamaswadi, Khamgaon, Khandali, Kharola, Kharosa, Khasapuri, Khasgaon, Khed, Khudawadi, Khuntegaon, Kilaj, Killari S F, Killari, Kingaon, Kini, Kini Thot, Kini Yeladevi, Kodli, Kokalgaon, Kolsur, Kond, Koral, Korali, Korangala, Koshtgaon, Kothala, Kothali, Kukadgaon, Kumbhari, Kumtha, BK, Kumtha KH, Kunhali, Kunthalgiri, Labour Colony Latur, Lakadjawalga, Lakhangaon, Lambota, Lamjana, Lanjeshwar, Lasona, Latur Bazar, Latur, Latur RS, Lodga, Lohara, Lohara, Lohata, East, Lohgaon, Loni, Loni, Madaj, Madansuri, Mahalangra, Mahapur, Makani, Makani, Mal Hipperga, Malegaon, Malewadi, Malgi, Malkapur, Malkaranja, Malumbra, Mandva, Mangrool, TJR, Mangrool, Mangrul, Mangrul, Manjara SK, Mankeshwar, Mardi, Masla Khurd, Massa Khandeshwari, Matola, Medsinga, Mendha, MIDC Latur, Mily Colony, Mogara, Mogha, Moha, Mohnal, Morta, Morwad, Motegaon, Mudgad Ramling, Mulaj, Murud Akola, Murud, Murum, Nadi Hatterga, Nagalgaon, Nagarsoga, Nagur, Nai Chakur, Naigaon, Naldurg, Nalegaon, Nalgir, Nanand, Nandgaon, Nandurga, Nanduri, Narangwadi, Nawani, Nelwad, Nevali, Nilanga, Nilegaon, Nipani, Nipani, Nitali, Nitoor, Omerga Bazar, Omerga Chivari, Omerga Court, Omerga, Osmanabad, Osmanabad Town, Pach Pimpla, Padoli, Padoli, Pakharsangvi, Pakhrud, Palsap, Pangaon, YRM, Pangaon, Latur, Para, Paranda, Parchanda, Pardi, Pargaon, Pat Sangvi, Patharwadi, Pathrud, Patoda, Patoda, Peth, Peth Sangvi, Pimpalgaon, Kothawale, Pimpalgaon Kamleshwari, Pimpalgaon Lingi, Pimpalwadi, Pimpari, Pimpla Khurd, Poharegaon, Pohner, Rajuri, Ramegaon, Rameshwar, Ramnagar Latur, Ranjani, Rapka, Rathoda, Ratnapur, Ravankola, Rawangaon, Renapur, Rohina, Rohkal, Ruibhar, Sakol, Salegaon, Salgara Divti, Salgara Maddi, Sambhu Omerga, Samudrawani, Sangam, Sanghvi, Sangvi Kati, Sangvi Mardi, Sanja, Sapnai, Saramkundi, Sarola, Sarola Bk, Sarola Mandva, Sastur, Satala, Satephal, Sawargaon, Shiradhon, Sawargaon, Sawargaon, Sawargaon, Sawargaon Kati, Sawargaon Rokda, Sawargaon Thot, Sawari, Selu, Selu, Shahapur, Shedol, Shelgaon, Shelgaon, Sonari, Shingoli, Shiradhon, Shiradhon, Shirala, Shirala, Shirol Janapur, Shirol Wanjarwada, Shirur Anantpal, Shirur Tajband, Shivani BK, Shivani Kothal, Shivani Lakh, Shivankhed, Shivli, Sihdhakhed, Sindala Shivpur, Sindgaon, NLD, Sindhgaon, Sindphal, Sirsav, Somnathpur, Sonari, Osmanabad, Songiri, Sonwati, Sugaon, Sugaon Mahalang, Sukani, Sukta, Sumbha, Sundarwadi, Suratgaon, Surdi, Tadmugali, Taka, Takali, Takali, Takviki, Talani, Talegaon, Talikhed, Talmod, Talni, Tamalwadi, Tambala, Tandulja, Tandulwadi, Sonari, Tandulwadi, Vasi, Tavshigad, Tawarajkheda, TBSSK Naldurg, Telgaon, Ter, Terkheda, Thergaon, Tilaknagar Latur, Tirth, Tirth Bk , Tirth kh , Tiruka, Togri, Tondar, Tondchira, Toramba, Trikoli, Tugaon, Tugaon, Tuljapur, Tungi, BK, Turori, Udgir, Udgirganj, Ujani, Ujlamb, Uloop, Upla, M, Usturi, Uti, BK, Vashi, Osmanabad, Vidyanagar, Osmanabad, Wadgaon, G, Wadgaon, S, Wadgaon Deo , Wadgaon Jahagir, Wadgaon Kati, Wadgaon Lakh, Wadhona, Wadmurambi, Wadwal Nagnath, Wagdari, NLD, Wagholi, YDS, Wagholi, Wagholi, Waigaon, Wakadi, Walandi, Walsangi, Walwad, Wanewadi, Wangdhari, Wangi Bk , Wanjarkheda, Wanjarwada, Wanjarwadi, Ware Wadgaon, Waruda, Wasangaon, Watephal, Wathoda, Yedshi, Yelnoor, Yenegur, Yeoti, Yeoti, Yermala, Yerola, Zari, Adgaon, Adgaon, Adol, Aherborgaon, Aherwadi, Ajegaon, Akani, Akhada Balapur, Amba, Amba, Ambarwadi, Anandwadi, Aral, Arvi, Asegaon, Ashti, Jalna, Asola, Aundha Nagnath, Babhali, Babhulgaon, Babultara, Badwani, Ballur, Bamni, Banvas, Basamba, Basmathnagar, Basmathnagar Town, Bellora, Bhahulgaon, Bhandegaon, Bhankheda, Bharaswada, Bhatsawangi, Bhogaon, Bhogaon Devi, Bhosi, Bobde Takli, Bolda, Borda, Bori, Parbhani, Borisawant, Borkini, Borwand BK, Bour, Brahmangaon, Chandaj, Charthana, Chatori, Chikalthana, Chincholi, Chincholi Niloba, Chondi, Chudawa, Dahifal, Daithana, Darefal, Dasala, Datala, Daudgaon, Devalgaon Awchar, Devalgaon Dudhate, Devalgaon Gat, Devgaon, Dhangar Takli, Dhanora, Dhar, Dharasur, Dhasadi, Dhawanda Kasba, Dhengali Pimpalgaon, Dighol Islampur, Digras, Dongargaon, Dongargaon Pool, Dongarkada, Dongarpimpla, Dudhgaon, Erandeshwar, Gadadgavan, Gangakhed, Ganjapur, Gaul, Gaundgaon, Gaur, Ghantangra, Ghoda, Girgaon, Gojegaon, Golegaon, Golegaon Camp, Gomewakdi, Goregaon, Hingoli, Gugali Dhamangaon, Gunda, Gunj KH, Hadgaon, Hamdapur, Harangul, Hatala, Hatdi, Hatnoor, Hatta AUNDHA, Hatta SENGAON, Hayatnagar, Helas, Hingani, Hingoli, Idoli, Isad, Itoli, Jaipur, Jaipur SENGAON, Jamb, Jamb BK, Jawala Bazar, Jawala BK, Jawala Panchal, Jintur, Jogwada, K Adgaon, K Hadgaon, K Sawangi, Kadoli, Kalamnuri, Kalgaon, Kandali, Kanegaon, Kanergaon, Kansur, Karanjala, Karanji, Karegaon, Kasapuri, Katneshwar, Kausadi, Kautha BASMATH, Kautha SENGAON, Kavi, Kawada, Kawalgaon, Kehal, Kekar Jawala, Kendhali, Kendra BK, Kerwadi, Khadka, Khali, Khanapur Chitta, Khandala, Khandavi, Khandegaon, Kharwad, Khavane Pimpri, Khudaj, Kille Wadgaon, Kinhola RAMPURI BK SO, Kirla, Kodri, Kok, Kolha, Kondhur, Kothala, Kranti Chowk Parbhani, Kundi, Kupta, Kurtadi, Kurunda, Lakh, Limba, Lingasa, Lohara BK, Lohgaon, Lohgaon, Loni, Mahatpuri, Majlapur, Makhani, Malewadi, Malhiwara, Mandakhali, Mangalwara Hingoli, Mangrul, Manoli, Mantha, Manwath, Manwath Town, Mapegaon, Mardasgaon, Masod, Mategaon, Mau Parbhani, Mazod, Mirkhel, Moregaon, Mssk Dongarkada, Mudgal, Muli, Murtijapur Sawangi, Nahad, Naikota, Nandapur, Nandapur KALAMNURI, Nandkheda, Narsi Namdev, Narwadi, Nathra, Nava, Naya Mondha Parbhani, Neel, Nivali, Osmanpur, P Dhamangaon, Pachalegaon, Pachegaon, Paheni, Palam, Palodi, Palsi, Pande Pokhari, Pangra Shinde, Pangri, Pangri BK, Pangri Gosavi, Pankanhergaon, Parbhani, Parbhani Town, Pardi BK, Partur, Pathargavan, Pathri, Patoda, Patoda Mav, Pedgaon, Pedgaon, Pethpimpalgaon, Pethshivani, Phalegaon, Pharkanda, Pimpaldari, Pimpaldari KALAMNURI, Pimpalgaon PEDGAON, Pimpalgaon Gayke, Pimpalgaon Kajale, Pimparkheda, Pimpla Lokhande, Pimpri Deshmukh, Pimprizola, Pingali, Pokharni, Potra, Pungala, Purjal, Purna, Pusegaon, Raigavan, Rameshwar Tanda, Rametakli, Rampuri BK, Rampuri KH, Ranisawargaon, Raorajura, Rawalgaon, Renakhali, Renapur, Rohina, Rudhi, Sadegaon, Sailu, Sailu, Sailu Town, Sakhra, Salapuri, Salna, Salva, Sandas, Sapatgaon, Satona, Sawad, Sawali BK, Sawana, Sawangi Bhambale, Sawangi BK, Sawargaon, Sendursena, Sengaon, Shegaon, Shelgaon, Shelgaon, Shewadi, Shewala, Shikh Rajura, Shirad Shahapur, Shivajinagar Parbhani, Shrishti, Siddheshwar, Siddheshwar Camp, Simangaon, Sindagi, Sindagikhamba, Singanapur, Sirli, Sirsam, Sirsam BK, Sirshi BK, Sonna, Sonpeth, Station Parbhani, Sukli Veer, Suppa, Tadborgaon, Tadkalas, Takli Kumbhakarna, Talni, Tandulwadi, Taroda, Ukhali, Ukhali GANGAKHED, Ukkadgaon, Ukkalgaon, Umari, Undegaon, Uswad, Vaidya Wadgaon, Vassa, Vita, Wadgaon, Wadi, Waghala, Waghi, Waghi Bobde, Wakodi, Wapti, Waranga, Warphal, Warud, Warud Chakrapani, Watur, Wazar, Wazur, Yedsi, Yehlegaon Solanke, Yeldari, Yelegaon, T, Yelegaon Gawali, Yelki, Zari, Zari, A P Dabolim, A P Terminal, Advalpal, Advoi, Agapur Adpoi, Agarwada, Agonda, Aldona, Alto Betim, Alto porvorim, Ambelim, Amona, Anjuna, Aquem, Arambol, Arpora, Assagao, Assolda, Assolna, Assonora, Avedem, Baga, Baina, Balli, Bambolim Camp, Bambolim Complex, Banastarim, Bandora, Barcem, Bastora, Bati, Benaulim, Betalbhatim, Betim, Betki, Betora, Betora I E , Betul, Bhatpal, Bicholim Industrial Estate, Bicholim, Birondem, Bogmalo, Borim, C C Altinho, Cacora, Caisua, Calangute, Calem, Calvim, Camurlim, Camurlim, Canacona, Cananguinim, Canca, Candepar, Candolim, Cansarvornem, Cansaulim, Carambolim, Caranzalem, Carapur, Carmona, Carona, Cavelossim, Cavorim, Chandor, Chicalim, Chimbel, Chinchinim, Chorao, Cola, Collem, Colva, Colvale, Corgao, Corjuem, Corlim IE, Cortalim, Cotigaon, Cotorem, Cudnem, Cumbharjua, Cuncolim, Cundaim, Cundaim I E , Curchorem, Curdi, Curti, Curtorim, Darbandora, Davorlim, Dhargalim, Dodamarg, Dramapur, Durbhat, Farmagudi, Fatorda, Fatorpa, Gandhi Market Complex Margao, Gaodongarim, Goa velha, Goa University, Gogol, Guleli, Gurim, Ibrampur, Loliem Polem, Loliem, Loutolim, Macazana, Majorda, Malar, Mandrem, Mandur, Mangor Hill, Mapusa I E , Mapusa, Marcaim, Marcela, Mardol, Margao, Matri Indian Antartic Station, Mauliguem, Mauze, Mayem, Menkurem, Miramar, Moira, Molcarnem, Mollem, Morjim, Morlem, Mormugao, Morpirla, Mulgao, N B Verem, Nachinola, Nagargaon, Nagzar, Nanora, Nanorem, Navelim, Navelim Camp, Navelim, Nerul, Netorlim, Neura, Nio Dona Paula, Nirankal, Nuvem, Onda, Onda I E , ONGC Ipsem Betul, Orlim, Oxel, Ozari, Pale, Palolem, Panaji, Panchwadi, Parra, Parxem, Penha De France, Pernem, Piedade, Pilar, North Goa, Pilerne, Pilgao, Pillem, Pirla, Pirna, Pissurlem, Poinguinim, Pomburpa, Ponda Camp, Ponda, Poriem, Poroscodem, Porvorim, Pratapnagar Harvale, Priol, Quela, Quepem, Querim, Querim, Querim, Quiranpani, Quirlapale, Raia, Reis Magos, Revora, Ribandar, Rivona, Sada, Sadolxem, Saipem, Salem, Saligao, Salvador Do Mundo, Sancoale, Sancordem, Sangolda, Sanguem, Sanquelim, Sant Estevam, Santa Cruz, Sanvordem, Secretariat, North Goa, Sem rachol Soso, Sem Saligao, Seraulim, Shiroda, South Goa, Sigao, Sinquerim, Siolim, Sirgao, Siridao, Sirsaim, Sirvoi, St Inez, St Jose De Areal, St Lourence, Surla, Talaulim, Tamboxem, Tarvalem, Thana, Thana, Tisca, Tivim Ie, Tivim, Torxem, Tuem, Tuem I E, Ucassiam, Ugvem, Usgao, Utorda, Vaddem, Vademnagar, Valkini, Valpoi, Vanelim, Varca, Varconda, Vasco Da Gama, Velguem, Velguem O, Velha goa, Velim, Verem De Ponda, Verna, Veroda, Virnora, Xeldem, Xelvona, Zuarinagar, 5 Star MIDC Kagal, Adkur, Adoli, Ainapur, Ajara, Akanur, Akiwat, Akiwate Industrial Estate, Akurle, Alas, Alate, Ambap, Ambarde, Ambavade, Ambewadi, Ambewadi, Kolhapur, Amroli, Amshi Dumala, Anap Khurd, Anur, Arale, Aralgundi, Ardal, Are, Arjuni, Arjunwad, Arjunwada, Arjunwadi, Arul, Asandoli, Aslaj, Atigre, Atyal, Aurwad, Awali, Awali BK, Awali KH, Babujamal, Bachani, Bachani, Badyachiwadi, Bahireshwar, Bahirewadi, Bahubali, Bajar Bhogaon, Baleghol, Balinge, Bamani, Bambavada, Banage, Bandiwade, Baradwadi, Barve, Basarge, Basarge BK, Bastavade, Bastwad, Batkangale, Beed, Belawale BK, Belewadi Kalamma, Bhadale, Bhadgaon, Bhadole, Bhadvan, Bhamate, Bhativade, Bhedasgaon, Bhendegalli, Bhendwade, Bhuye, Bidri, Bolavi, Boravade, Borbet, Borgaon, Borivade, Borpadale, Bubnal, Bugadikatti, Buvache Vathar, Chandgad, Chandoli, Chandur, Channe Kuppi, Charan, Chavare, Chikhali, Chikhali, Chimane, Chinchwad, Chinchwad, Chipri, Chokak, Chuye, Dajipur, Danoli, Danwad, Date, Dattanagar, Dattawad, Dewale, Dhamane, Dhamod, Dharangutti, Dholgarwadi, Dhundwade, Dindnerli, DSF Halkarni, Dudhganganagar, Dukkarwadi, Dundage, Durgamanwad, Ekondi, Gadhinglaj, Gadhinglaj Shivaji Chowk, Gadhinglaj Tilakpath, Gadmudshingi, Gaganbavada, Gajapur, Gajargaon, Gandhinagar, Kolhapur, Ganeshwadi, Kolhapur, Ganganagar Ichalkaranji, Gangapur, Gargoti, Gariwade, Gavase, Gavase, Ghalwad, Ghanavade, Ghosarwad, Ghotavade, Ghunki, Gijawane, Girgaon, Gogave, Gorambe, Gudal, Gur Market Yard, Hadalage, Hajgoli, Haldi, Halewadi, Halkarni, Chandgad, Halkarni, Halsawade, Hamidwada, Hanimnal, Hanmantwadi, Harali BK, Haroli, Hasur, Hasur Champu, Hasur Dumala, Hasur Khurd, Hasur Sasgiri, Hativade, Hatkalangada, Hebbal, Hebbal Jaldyal, Hedawade, Hera, Herla, Herwad, Hindgaon, Hiralge, Hitni, Honyali, Hosur, Hupari, Ibrahimpur, Ichalkaranji, ICO Spinning Mills, Inchnal, Ingali, Isapur, Ispurli, Jaisingpur R S , Jakhale, Jambhali, Jangamhatti, Jarali, Jatharwadi, Jawaharnagar Ichalkaranji, Jaysingpur, June Pargaon, Kabnur SO, Kadalage, Kadave, Kadgaon Gadhinglaj, Kadgaon Gargoti, Kagal, Kakhe, Kalamba, Kale, Kolhapur, Kalkundri, Kalnakwadi, Kanadewadi, Kandgaon, Kaneri, Panhala, Kaneri, Kanoli, Kanur Khurd, Kanwad, Kapadmarket Ichalkaranji, Kapshi, Kapshi, Karadwadi, Karambali, Karanjivane, Karanjphen, Karanjphen, Kardyal, Karnur, Karungale, Karve, Kasaba Sangaon, Kasar Kandgaon, Kasari, Kasarwada, Kasba Bavada, Kasba Thane, Katali, Kate Bhogaon, Kaulav, Kavane, Kavatheguland, Kavathesar, Kawlikatti, Kenavade, Keravade, Kerle, Kerli, Khadakewada, Khandal, Khatangale, Khebavade, Khidrapur, Khochi, Khupire, Kine, Kini, Kini, CHD, Kisrul, Kitawade, Kodavade, Kodoli, Koge, Kolhapur City, Kolhapur, Kolhapur RS, Kolik, Kolindre, Kololi, Kolwan, Kondoshi, Koor, Koparde, Korochi, Kothali, Kothali, Kotoli, Warna, Kotoli, Koulage, Koulage, Kowad, Kowade, Kuditre, Kudnur, Kumbhoj, Kurani Buzawade, Kurukali, Kurundwad, Kutwad, Lakudwadi, Lat, Latwade, Laxmipuri, Lingnur Dumala, Madilage, Madilage BK, Madyal, Mahagaon, Kolhapur, Mahagond, Majale, Majgaon, Malage BK, Malapude, Malatwadi, Male, Male, Maligre, Malkapur, Kolhapur, Malyachi Shiroli, Man, Manapadale, Manawale, Mandukali, Mangalwar Peth, Kolhapur, Mangaon, Mangaon, Mangnoor, Mangnoor T/F Sawantwadi, Manjarewadi, Manwad, Masewadi, Mathgaon, Mhakave, Mhalewadi, Mhalsavade, Mhalunge, Mhalunge Khalsa, Mhasrang, Mhasurli, Mhasve, MIDC Gokul Shirgaon, MIDC Shiroli, Minche, Minche BK, Minche KH, Mohare, Molawade, Mouje Haladi, Mouje Sangaon, Mudhal, Mugali, Mugali, Mumewadi, Mungurwadi, Murgud, Mutnal, Nadhavade, Naganwadi, Nagaon, Nagave, Nandani, Nandanwad, Nandavade, Nandgaon, Nandgaon, Nangnoor, Narande, Narewadi, Narsobawadi, Nartavade, Navale, Nave Pargaon, Navkud, Nej, Nerli, Nesari, Nidhori, Nigave Dumala, Nigave Khalasa, Nilji, Nilpan, Nimshirgaon, Ningudage, Nittur, Nool, P Shiroli, Pachgaon, Padal, Padali, Padali Khurd, Pal, Palshivane, Panhala, Panori, Panundre, Panutre, Parali Ninai, Parite, Parkhandale, Parkhandale, Parvati Industrial Estate, Pat Panhala, Patgaon, Patne, Pattankodoli, Perid BO, Pernoli, Phanaswadi, Phejiwade, Phulewadi, Pimpalgaon, Pimpalgaon BK, Pimpalgaon KH, Piral, Pisatri, Pishavi, Pohale T/F Borgaon, Pohale Turf Alate, Porle Turf Thane, Pratibhanagar, Punal, Pungaon, R K Nagar Ichalkaranji, R K Nagar, Kolhapur, Radhanagari, Rajagoli KH, Rajapur, Rajapurwadi, Rajarampuri, Rakshi, Randivewadi, Rangoli, Rankala, Rashivade, Rendal, Rethare, Rhe Works, Rui, Ruikar Colony, Rukadi, Sadashivnagar, Sadoli Khalsa, Sajani, Sake, Salshi, Salvan, Sambhajipur BO, Sambre, Sane Guruji Vasahat, Sangashi, Sangavade, Sangrul, Sarambalwadi, Sarawade, Sarud, Satavane, Satave, Savarde, Savarde BK, Savarde Dumala, Savarde Patankar, Savarde T/F Satave, Save, Shahapur, Shahupuri, Shahuwadi, Shaniwar Peth, Kolhapur, Shankarwadi, Shedshal, Sheloli, Shenawade, Shendur, Shengaon, Shimpe, Shingnapur, Shinoli KH, Shippur T/F Nesari, Shipur T/F Ajara, Shiradwad, Shirala, Shirale T/Ff Warun, Shirdhon, Shirgaon, Shirgaon, Shirol, Shiroli, Sonyachi, Shirse, Shirti, Shittur T/F Warun, Shittur Turf Malkapur, Shivaji Peth, Shivaji University, Shivaji Veedyapeeth Marg, Shivajinagar Ichalkaranji, Shivanage Lakkikatte, Shivdav, Shiye, Shukrawar Peth, Kolhapur, Sidhnerli, Sohale, Solankur, Sonage, Sonali, Sonarwadi, Sondoli, Sule, Sule, Sulkud, Sundi, Supatre, Surupali, Surute, Takali, Takaliwadi, Takawade, Talandage, Talasande, Talashi, Tamadalage, Tambale, Tambyachiwadi, Tamnakwada, Tarale, Tardal, Tarsambale, Tasgaon, Tatyasaheb Kore Nagar SO, Tekoli, Terni, Terwad, Teurwadi, Thergaon, Thikpurli, Tikkewadi, Tillarinagar, Tilwani, Tirpan, Tisangi, Titave, Top, Tudiye, Turambe, Turkewadi, Uchgaon, Udgaon, Udyog Nagar Ichalkaranji, Ujalaiwadi, Ukhalu, Ukoli, Umalwad, Umgaon, Undarwadi, Uttur, Vadange, Vadarage Majare, Vadgaon, Vadgaon, Kolhapur, Valivade, Vandur, Varange Padali, Vasagade, Vathar T/F vadgaon, Vengrul, Vesarde, Vetawade, Vhanali, Vhannur, Virale, Vishalgad Amba, Vite, Wadi Ratnagiri, Waghapur, Waghave, Wakare, Walwa Bk, Walwa KH, Warnanagar, Warul, Washi, Watangi, Yadrav, Yalgud, Yamage, Yavluj, Yelvan Jugai, Yenechavandi, Yerandol, Zulpewadi, Abaloli, Adavali, Ade, Adivare, Adkhaltari, Adre, Adur, Ratnagiri, Agarwaingani, Agave, Agave, Ajiwali, Akale, Alore, Alsure, Ambav, Ambav, Ambavali, Ambavali, Ambaye, Ambdas, Ambed Budruk, Ambitgaon, Ambolgad, Amdave, Anari, Angale, Angavali, Anjanari, Anjanvel, Anjarla, Ansure, Antravali, Aravali, Are, Argaon, Asage, Asgani, Asgoli, Ashti, Asond, Asore, Astan, Asud, Asurda, Avashi, Ayani, Bagave Wadi, Bahiravali, Bamnoli, Bamnoli, Bankot, Bapere, Basani, Belari Budruk, Beni Budruk, Bhade, Bhadkamba, Bhalavali, Bhambed, Bharane, Bhatgaon, Bhatye, Bhelsai, Bhile, Bhoke, Bhom, Bhoo, Bhopan, Bijghar, Biwali, Boraj, Borgaon, Burambad, Burambe Wadi, Burondi, Chafavali, Chafe, Chandor, Charveli, Chave, Chickalgaon, Chikhali, Chikhali, Chinchavali, Chinchghar, Chinchghar, Chinchghari, Chinchkhari, Chindravale, Chiplun, Chirni, Chiveli, Choravane, Choravane, Dabhil, Dabhol, Dabhole, Dahagaon, Dahivali Budruk, Dale, Dalvatane, Dande Adom, Dapoli, Dasur, Dayal, Degaon, Dehen, Deole Ghera Prachitgad, Dervan, Deud, Devache Gothane, Devade, Devadhe, Devale, Devghar, Devhare, Devihasol, Devrukh, Dhakmoli, Dhamanand, Dhamandevi, Dhamani, Dhamani, Dhamanse, Dhamapur, Dhamnavane, Dhaulwali, Dhopave, Dhopeshwar, Dhutroli, Dingni, Dodavali, Donavali, Dongar, Donivade, Dorle, Durgawadi, Fungus, Furus, Furus, Ganeshgule, Ganpatipule, Gavade Ambere, Gavane, Gavkhadi, Gharadi, Ghativale, Ghera Rasalgad, Ghodavali, Ghude, Gimvi, Golap, Golavali, Golawashi, Gondhale, Gothane Doniwade, Gothe, Goval, Govil, Guhagar, Gunade, Haral, Harche, Harcheri, Hardakhale, Harnai, Harpude, Hasol Tarf Saundal, Hatade, Hativ, Hatkhamba, Hedali, Hedavi, Holi, Humbri, Ibrahimpattan, Ilne, Indavati, Isavali, Jaigad, Jaitapur, Jalgaon, Jamage, Jamage, Jambhari, Jamsud, Javade, Jawalethar, Juwathi, Kadavali, Kadivali, Kadwad, Kadwai, Kajirda, Kajurli, Kalamani Budruk, Kalamani Khurd, Kalambaste, Kalambaste, Kalambat, Kalambat, Kalambushi, Kalamundi, Kalbadevi, Kalkavane, Kalsavali, Kalsur Koundhar, Kaluste, Kalvande, Kalzondi, Kamathe, Kaneri, Kangwai, Kanhe, Kankadi, Kapad Gaon, Kapre, Kapsal, Karak, Karambavane, Karambele Tarf Devale, Karanjani, Karanjgaon, Karavali, Karbhatale, Karbude, Karde, Karji, Karjikar Mohalla, Karjuve, Karla, Karli, Karul, Kasai, Kasar Kolwan, Kasarveli, Kasba, Ratnagiri, Kase, Kashedi, Kasheli, Katali Sagave, Katavali, Katroli, Kaundhar Tamhane, Kelambe, Kelavali, Kelne, Kelshi, Kelye, Kespuri, Khadpoli, Khalgaon, Khanavali, Khanu, Kharvate, Kharvate, Khavadi, Khavati, Khed, RTG, Khed City, Khedashi, Kherdi, Kherdi, Khodade, Khopad, Khopi, Khorninko, Kirbet, Kirduve, Kochari, Kodavali, Kokare, Kolamb, Kolambe, Kolambe, S, Kolawali, Kolbandre, Koldhe, Kolisare, Kolke Wadi, Kolthare, Kolwan Chuna, Kolwan Khadi, Kondge, Kondivali, Kondivare, Kondmala, Kondsur Budruk, Kondye, Kondye, Kondye, Koregaon, Korle, Kosbi, Kosumb, Kot, Kotapur, Kotavali, Kotawada, Kotluk, Kudali, Kudavale, Kulvandi, Kumbale, Kumbhad, Kumbharkhani, Kumbharli, Kumbhavade, Kundi, Kurang, Kurdhunda, Kurne, Kurtade, Kurwal Jawali, Kutgiri, Kutra, Kuvarbav, Kuve, Kuveshi, Ladghar, Lanja, Latwan, Lavel, Lavgan, Lote, Ratnagiri, Lowale, Mabhale, Madban, Mahalunge, Majal, Majgaon, Makhajan, Malan, Maldoli, Malghar, Malgund, Mandangad, Mandivali, Mandki, Mandva, Mani, Manjare, Maral, Margatamhane, Markandi, Masrang, Masu, Math, Matwan, Mavlange, Meghi, Mervi, Mhapral, MIDC, RTG, Miland, Miravane, Mirjole, Mirya, Mithgavane, Mohane, Moor, Moravane, Morde, Moroshi, Morvande, Mosam, Muchari, Mudhe Tarf Sawarda, Mugij, Mumbake, Mundhar, Mundhe, Murdav, Murde, Murshi, Murtavade, Murud, Musad, Nachane, Nakhare, Nanar, Nandgaon, CPN, Nandgaon, Khed, Nandivase, Nandivili, Nanij, Nante, Narduve, Narvan, Nata, Natunagar, Nayari, Nayashi, Nevare, Nigadi, Nigundal, Nilavane, Nirul, Nirvhal, Nive Budruk, Niveli, Nivendi, Nivsar, Niwali, CPN, Niwali, Omali, Oni navase, Oni, Ori, Oshivale, Ovali, Ozare, Ozare Budruk, Ozare Khurd, Pachal, Ratnagiri, Pachambe, Pachavali, Pacheri Sada, Padave, Padve, Padve, Paj, Palavani, Palgad, Pali, RTG, Pali, CPN, Palpene, Palshet, Palu, Palvan, Panchnadi, Panderi, Pangare, Pangari, Pangari, Pangari Tarf Haveli, Pangari Tarf Velamb, Panhale, Panhale Kazi, Panhale Tarf Saundal, Panhalje, Panval, Parchuri, Parchuri, Parshuram, Parule, Pate Pillavali, Patgaon, Patpanhale, Pawas, Pedhambe, Pedhe, Pendkhale, Peve, Peve, Phansavale, Phansavane, Phansop, Phansu, Pilavali, Pimpar, Pimpli Khurd, Pimploli, Pirandavane, Pirandavane, Pisai, Pochari, Pomendi, Pomendi Budruk, Pomendi Khurd, Pophali, Pophlavane, Posare, Posare Budruk, Poynar, Prabhanvalli, Prindavan, Punas, Purnagad, Purye Tarfe Devale, Rai, Rajapur, Ratnagiri, Rajivili, Rajwadi, Rajwadi, Rampur, Ratnagiri, Ranpat, Ratnagiri Collectorate, Ratnagiri, Raypatan, RGPPL Anjanvel, Ringane, Roon, Sada Jambhari, Sadavali, Sagave, Saitavada, Sakhar, Sakhar, Sakhari Agar, Sakhari Budruk, Sakhari Trishul, Sakharpa, Sakhloli, Sakhroli, Salpe, Sangave, Sanglat, Sangmeshwar, Sapirili, Sarang, Sasale, Satavali, Satere Tarf Natu, Sathare Bambar, Satvingaon, Saundal, Savdav, Saveni, Savnas, Sawarda, Sayale, Sheldi, Shembavane, Shindi, Shingri, Shipole, Shiposhi, Shir, Shiral, Shirambavali, Shirambe, Shiravali, Shirgaon, CPN, Shirgaon, RTG, Shirgaon, Shirkhal, Shirshi, Shirsoli, Shiv Budruk, Shivaji Nagar, RTG, Shivane Budruk, Shivane Khurd, Shivar Ambere, Shivtar, Shringarpur, Shringartali, Solgaon, Soliwade, Someshwar, Sonavade, Sondeghar, Songaon, Soveli, Sukivili, Sukondi, Susheri, Tadil, Takede, Tala Mandva, Talavade, Talavade, Talavade, Talavali, Talekante, Talgaon, Talsar, Talsure, Talvat, Tambedi, Tamhane, Tamhane, Tamhanmala, Tanali, Tangar, Taral, Tarval, Tavsal, Tembye, Teru, Terye, Tetavali, Tide, Tike, Tilak Memorial, RTG, Tisangi, Tise, Tiware, Tiware, Tiware Ghera Prachitgad, Tiware Medhe Tarfe Devale, Tonade, Tondali, Tulsani, Tulshi, Tulshi Khurd, Tural, Turambav, Ubhale, Uchat, Udhale Budruk, Ujgaon, Ukshi, Umare, Umbarghar, Umbarle, Umrath, Umroli, Umroli, Upale, Upale, Vadad, Vadad Hasol, Vadgaon, Vahal, Vakavali, Valote, Vandri, Vangule, Vanzole, Varawade, Varnoshi Tarf Panchanadi, Varveli, Veer, Vehele, Velamb, Velas, Veldur, Velvand, Velvi, Veral, Veral, Veravali Budruk, Veravali Khurd, Veshvi, Vetoshi, Vhel, Vilavade, Vilye, Visapur, Wadavali, Waghambe, Waghangaon, Waghivare, Waghrat, Waingane, Waked, Walope, Walye, Wanke, Washi Tarf Devrukh, Washi Tarf Sangmeshwar, Watad, Watul, Wave, Wavghar, Welneshwar, Yegaon, Yelvan, Yerdav, Zapade, Zare Wadi, Zombadi, Agalgaon, Agran Dhulgaon, Ainwadi, Aitawade BK, Aitawade Khurd, Alkud , S, Alkud, M, Alsund, Amarapur, Ambak, Amnapur BO, Andhali, Anjani, Ankalagi, Ankale, Ankali, Ankalkhop, Antral, Antri Budruk, Arag, Arala, Arawade, Arewadi, Asangi J, Asangi K, Ashte, Atpadi, Audumbar, Aundhi, Avandhi, Awalai, Bagani, Bahadurwadi, Bahe, Baj, Balagavade, Balavadi, KHN, Balavadi, Bhalavani, Balgaon, Bamani, Bambavade, Bambavade, Bamnoli, Banali, Banewadi BO, Banpuri, Banur, Basargi, Bastawade, Bavachi, Bedag, Belanki, Belavade, Bellondagi, Bendri, Bevnur, Bhadkimbe, Bhalavani, Bhatshirgaon, Bhavaninagar, Sangli, Bhendavade, Bhikavadi BK, Bhikawadi Kurd, Bhilavadi, Bhilwadi R S , Bhood, Bhose, Bichud, Bilashi, Billur, Biranwadi, Bisur, Biur, Boblad Jadar, Boblad K, Bolwad, Borgaon, T, Borgaon, Borgaon, Sangli, Borgi, Khurd, Brahmanal, Brahmanpuri Miraj, Budhgaon, Burli, Charan, Chikhalhol, Chikhali, Chikurde, Chinchani, T, Chinchani Ambak, Chinchani Mangrul, Chincholi, Chorochi, Dahiwadi, Daphalapur, Daribadachi, Deshing, Devikhindi, Devrashtra, Devwadi, Dhagewadi, Dhalewadi, Dhalgaon, Dhamavade, Dhavadwadi, Dhavaleshwar, Dhavali, T, Dhavali, Dhavali, Dhulgaon, Dighanchi, Digraj Kasaba Agri School, Digraj Kasaba, Dongarsoni, Dongarwadi, Dorli, Dudhgaon, Dudhondi, Factory Area Sangli, Gajanan Mills Sangli, Ganpati Peth Sangli, Gardi, Gaurgaon, Gavan, Ghanand, Gharniki, Ghatnandre, Ghogaon, Ghorpadi, Ghoti Khurd, Girgaon, Gomewadi, Gotkhindi, Govt Colony, Govt Medical College Miraj, Gugwad, Gundewadi, Guruwar Peth, tasgaon, Hanmant Vadiye, Haripur, Hatnoli, Hatnur, Hingangade, Hingangaon, Hingangaon Bk, Hingangaon Khurd, Hivare, Hivtad, Inam Dhamni, Ingrul, Irali, Itkare, Jadhavwadi, Jaigavan, Jakhapur, Jarandi, Jath, Jirgyal, Jondhalkhindi, Junekhed, Kadegaon, Kadepur, Kalambi, Kalamwadi, Kalundre, Kameri, Kanchanpur, Kande, Kandur, Kanegaon, Kapuskhed, Karandwadi, Karanguli, Karanjawade, Karanje, Kargani, Karmala, Karnal, Karoli T, Karoli, M, Karve, Karve, Kasegaon, Kautholi, Kavaji Khotwadi, Kavalapur, Kavathe Ekand, Kavathe Mahankal, Kavathe Piran, Kerewadi, Khalati, Khalsa Dhamni, Khambale, Khanapur, Sangli, Khanbhag, sangli At Midc Miraj, Khanderajuri, Kharshing, Kharsundi, Khatav, Kherade, Khujgaon, Khujgaon, Killemachindragad, Kirloskarwadi, Kognoli, Kokale, Kokrud, Koregaon, Kosari, Kuchi, Kuktoli, Kumatha, Kumbhari, Kundal, Sangli, Kundalapur, Kundalwadi, Kunikonnur, Kupwad, Kupwad MIDC Area, Kurlap, Ladegaon, Landgewadi, Langarpeth, Lengare, Limb, Lingiware, Lingnoor, Lode, Lonarwadi, Madgule, Madgyal, Madhavnagar, Mahuli, Sangli, Malangaon, Malgaon, Mallewadi, Malwadi, Manerajuri, Mangale, Mangrul, Manikwadi, Manjarde, Mardwadi, Market Yard Sangli, Masuchiwadi, Mendhigiri, Meni, Mhaisal, Miraj Audyogik Vasahat, Miraj, Miraj Station Road, Mirajwadi, Mohi, Morale, Mouje Digraj, Muchandi, Nagaj, Nagaon, Nagarale, Nagewadi, Nagthane, Nandre, Nangole, Narsinhpur, Narwad, Nathawade, Natoli, Nelkaranji, Nerla, Nerli, Nevari, Nigadi, Nigdi Khurd, Nimani, Nimbavade, Nimblak, Ozarde, Pachumbri, Padali, Padalichiwadi, Padmale, Palashi, Palus, Panumbre Turf Shirala, Panumbre Turf Warun, Pare, Payappachiwadi, Ped, Peth, Sangli, Phuphire, Pimpri Budruk, Pokharni, Punadi, T, Punadi T/F Walwa, Punvat, R K Extension Sangli, Rajapur, Ramanandnagar, Ramapur, Ranjani, Sangli, Red, Renavi, Rethare Dharan, Rethare Harnaksha, Revangaon, Revnal, Rile, S S K Sakharale, S S K Sangli, Sagaon, Saholi, Sakharale, Salgare, Salshinge, Samdolii, Sangaliwadi, Sangli City, Sangli, Sankh, Sanmadi, Savali , Savarde, Savlaj, Sawantpur, Shalgaon, Shaniwar Peth Miraj, Shegaon, Shelakbav, Shetphale, Shigaon, Shindewadi, Shinganapur, Shinganhalli, Shipur, Shirala, Shirasgaon, Shirashi, Shirdhon, Shirte, Shivajinagar, Shivani, Siddhewadi, Siddhewadi Savalaj, Sidhnath, Sindur, Sonavade, Soni, Sonkire, Sonsal, Sonyal, Sordi, Subhashnagar, Sultangade, Surul, Suslad, Tadavale, Tadawale, Tadsar, Takari, Takave, Tambave, Tanang, Tandulwadi, Tasgaon M D G, Tavadarwadi, Thanapude, Tikundi, Tisangi, Tondoli, Tujarpur, Tung, Tupari, Turchi, Umadi, Umarani, Upalavi, Upale Mayani, Urun Islampur, Utagi, Vaddi, Vadgaon, Vadgaon Mohite, Vadiye Raibag, Vajrawad, Valkhad, Valsang, Valuj, Valvan, Vangi, Vasgade, Vasumbe, T, Vasumbe, Vejegaon, Vhaspet, Vibhutwadi, Vihapur, Visapur, Sangli, Vite City, Vite, Waiphale, Wakurde BK, Wakurde Khurd, Walekhindi, Walwa, Wanlsswadi, Warnavati Vasahat, Washan, Wategaon, Willingdon College Sangli, Yamgarwadi, Yedemachindra, Yedenipani, Yelapur, Yelavi, Yelur, Yelvi, Yerandoli, Yetgaon, Zare, Achara, Achirne, Adavli, Adeli, Ajgaon, Akeri, Akhavane, Ambegaon, Amberi, Amboli, Ambrad, Anav, Andurla, Ansur, Aravli, Are, Aronda, Aros, Arule, Asalda, Asoli, Asolipal, Asrondi, Avalegaon, Ayee, Aynal, Bambuli, Banda, Sindhudurg, Bandivade, Baparde, Bav, Belnekhurd, Bhadgaon Budruk, Bhalaval, Bharni, Bharni, Bhirvande, Bhogave, Bhuibavda, Bibavane, Bidwadi, Bilwas, Bordave, Budhavale, Burambavade, Chafekhol, CHARATHA, Chendavan, Chindar, Chindar Bazar, Chouke, Choukul, Dabhachiwadi, Dabhole, Dabholi, Dahibav, Damre, Danoli, Dariste, Degave, Deulwada, Deulwada Nerur, Devbag, Devgad, Devli, Devsu, Dhakore, Dhamapur, Digas, Digavle, Dingane, Dodamarg, Dukanwad, Gadhitamhane, Gadmath, Gaudwadi, Gavane, Gavrai, Ghavanale, Ghonsari, Ghotage, Ghotage, Ghotagewadi, Girye, Golvan, Gopuri, Gothane, Gothos, Goveri, Hadi, Hadpid, Halval, Harkul Budruk, Harkul Khurd, Hedul, Het, Hindale, Hirlewadi, Hirlok, Hiwale, Hodavade, Humarmala, Humbrat, Ilye, Industrial Area Pinguli, Insuli, Jambhavade, Jambhavade, Jamsande, Janavali, Kadaval, Kalane, Kaleli, Kalmath, Kalmist, Kalse, Kalsuli, Kandalgaon, Kankavli, Karanje, Karivade, Karliwadi, Karul, Karulbavada, Kas, Kasal, Kasaral, Kasarde, Kasavan, Katta, Katta, Kavathani, Kavathi, Kelus, Ker, Keravade, Khaida, Khambale, Khanoli, Kharepatan, Khavane, Khotale, Khudi, Khutvalwadi, Kinjavade, Kirlos, Kochara, Kokisara, Kolamb, Kolgaon, Koloshi, Kolzar, Konal, Konalkatta Colony, Korla, Kotkamte, Kudal Audyogik Samuha, Kudal, Sindhudurg, Kudase, Kumbharmath, Kumbhavade, Kumbhavade, Kumbral, Kunde, Kunkavale, Kunkavan, Kunkeri, Kunkeshwar, Kupavade, Kurangavane, Kurli, Kusur, Kuvale, Lore i, Lore II, Madkhol, MADURA, Madyachiwadi, Mahadevache Kervade, Mahalunge, Main, Majgaon, Malewad, Malgaon, Malgaon, Malond, Malvan, Manche, Mandkuli, Maneri, Mangaon, Sindhudurg, Mangavli, Mangeli, Masde, Masura, Math, Math Budruk, Matond, Mhapan, Mithbav, Mithmumbari, Mogarne, Mond, Morgaon, Mulde, Munge, Mutat, Nad, Nadan, Nadgive, Nadhavade, Nagve, Nandgaon, Nandos, Nandrukh, Naneli, Nanivade, Napne, Nardave, Naringre, Narur, Natal, Nemale, Nerle, Nerur, Netarde, Nhaveli, Nigude, Nileli, Niravade, Nirom, Nirukhe, Nivaje, Niwatiwadi, Oros Budruk, Osargaon, Otav, Otavane, Ovaliye, Ozaram, Padel, Padve, Palsamb, Pandur, Pangrad, Parme, Parula, Pat, Patgaon, Pawashi, Pendhari, Pendhryachiwadi, Pendur, Phanasgaon, Phondaghat, Pikule, Pinguli, Pirawadi, Poip, Pokharan, Pomburla, Poyare, Pural, Ramgad, Ran Bambuli, Rathivade, Redi, Revandi, Sadure, Sakedi, Salel, Salgaon, Salshi, Sandave, Sangeli, Sangulwadi, Sangve, Sarambal, Sarjekot Miryabanda, Sarmale, Sasoli, Satarda, Sateli Traf Bhedshi, Satose, Savdav, Sawantwadi, Sherla, Shidavane, Shirange, Shirgaon, Shiroda, Sindhudurg, Shirshinge, Shirval, Shirvande, Shivapur, Shivdav, Shravan, Sindhudurgnagari MDG, Sonavade, Sonavade, Sonurli, Soundale, Sukalwadi, Tak, Talavade, Talavade, Talavane, Talebazar, Talekhol, Talera, Sindhudurg, Talgaon, Talkat, Tambaldeg, Tambuli, Taramumbari, Tarandale, Tarkarli, Tembavli, Tendoli, Terawalewadi, Terse Bambarde, Tervan Medhe, Thakurwadi, Tiravade, Tiravade, Tirlot, Tithavli, Tondavali, Tondavali, Torsole, Trimbak, Tulas, Tulsuli, Ubhadanda, Umbarde, Upale, Usap, Vada, Sindhudurg, Vadivaravde, Vados, Vaibhavwadi, Vajarat, Valivande, Varad, Varavade, Varde, Vasoli, Vazare, Vengurla Camp, Vengurla, Veral, Verle, Vetal Bambarde, Vetore, Vijaydurg, Vilvade, Wadkhol, Wafoli, Wagheri, Waghivare, Waghotan, Waingani, Wainganiwadi, Waingavde, Wairy Bhutnath, Walaval, Waniwade, Wargaon, Zarap, Zarebambar Vasahat, Zolambe, Antop Hill, B P T Colony, B P Lane, BEST STaff Quarters, C G S Colony, Chamarbaug, CHINCHBUNDER, Cotton Exchange, Dadar Colony, Dadar, Dockyard Road, Haffkin Institute, Kalachowki, Kidwai Nagar, Mumbai, L B S N E collage, Lal Baug, Mandvi, Mumbai, Masjid, Mazgaon Dock, Mazgaon Road, Mazgaon, Naigaon, Mumbai, Noor Baug, Null Bazar, Parel Naka, Parel Rly Work Shop, Parel, Princess Dock, Reay Road, Sewri, Tank Road, V J B Udyan, V K Bhavan, Wadala Rs, Wadala, Wadala Truck Terminal, A I Staff Colony, Airport, Mumbai, Andheri East, Andheri, Andheri Railway Station, Audit Bhavan, Azad Nagar, Mumbai, B N Bhavan, Bandra W eCOM Nodal Delivery Centre, Bandra West, Bandra, East, Chakala Midc, Danda, H M P School, Hanuman Road, International Airport, IRLA, J B Nagar, Juhu, Khar Colony, Khar Delivery, Kherwadi, Madh, Marol Bazar, Marol Naka, Nagardas Road, Sahar P and T Colony, Santacruz Central, Santacruz P and T Colony, Santacruz, East, Santacruz, West, Seepz, V P Road, Vakola, Vesava, Vidyanagari, Vileeparle, East, Vileparle Railway Station, Vileparle, West, Anushakti Nagar SO, BARC SO, Barve Nagar SO, Best Staff Colony SO, Bhandup Complex SO, Bhandup East SO, Bhandup Ind Estate SO, Bhandup West SO, Chembur Extension SO, Chembur HO, Chembur Rs SO, Chunabhatti SO, DM Colony SO, FCI SO, Ghatkopar West SO, Govandi SO, JM Road SO, Kannamwar Nagar SO, Kurla North SO, Kurla West SO, Mahul Road SO, Matunga SO, Mhada Colony SO, Mulund Colony SO, Mulund Dd Road SO, Mulund East SO, Mulund West SO, Nahur SO, Nehru Nagar SO, Nehru Road SO Mumbai, Netaji Nagar SO, NITIE SO, Pant Nagar SO, PH Colony SO, Powai Iit SO, Psm Colony SO, Rajawadi SO, RANagar SO, Raoli Camp SO, Rifle Range SO, Sahakar Bhavan SO, Sakinaka SO, SB Road SO, Shivaji Nagar SO Mumbai, Sion SO, Tagore Nagar SO, TFDonar SO, Tilak Nagar SO Mumbai, Transit Camp SO, Trombay SO, Usha Nagar SO, Vihar Road SO, Vikhroli SO, Aareymilk Colony SO, Bangur Nagar SO, Borivali East SO, Borivali HO, Borivali West SO, Charkop SO, Dahisar RS SO, Dahisar SO, Daulat Nagar SO Mumbai, Goregaon East SO, Goregaon RS SO, Goregaon SO Mumbai, Ins Hamla SO, Jogeshwari East SO, Jogeshwari West SO, Kandivali East SO, Kandivali RS SO, Kandivali West SO, Kharodi SO, Liberty Garden SO, Malad East SO, Malad SO, Malad West Dely SO, Mandapeshwar SO, Motilal Nagar SO, Nagari Niwara SO, Orlem SO, Oshiwara SO, Rajendra Nagar SO Mumbai, Rani Sati Marg SO, S KNagar SO, S R P F Camp SO, Sharma Estate SO, Ambewadi, Mumbai, Asvini SO, Bazargate SO, Central Building SO, Charni Road, Chaupati, Churchgate SO, Colaba Bazar SO, Colaba SO, Elephanta Caves Po BO, Girgaon, High Court Building SO Mumbai, Holiday Camp SO, Kalbadevi, Madhavbaug, Mantralaya SO Mumbai, Marine Lines, MPT SO, Nariman Point SO, New Yogakshema SO, Opera House, S C Court, Secretariate SO, Stock Exchange SO, Tajmahal SO, Thakurdwar, Town Hall SO Mumbai, VWTC SO, Agripada, Bharat Nagar, Mumbai, Bhawani Shankar Rd, Bhawani Shankar, BPC Jacob Circle, Century Mill, Chinchpokli, Cumballa Hill, Cumballa Sea Face, Delisle Road, Dharavi Road, Dharavi, Dr Deshmukh Marg, Falkland Road, Gokhale Road, Mumbai, Gowalia Tank, Grant Road, Haines Road, Haji Ali, J J Hospital, Jacob Circle, Kamathipura, Kapad Bazar, M A Marg, Mahim Bazar, Mahim East, Mahim, Malabar Hill, Mori Road, Mumbai Central, N S Patkar Marg, New Prabhadevi Road, Prabhadevi, Rajbhavan, Mumbai, Ranade Road, S V Marg, S V S Marg, Shivaji Park, Mumbai, Tardeo, Tulsiwadi, Worli Colony, Worli Naka, Worli Police Camp, Worli, Worli Sea Face, Mumbai GPO, Adgaon Bk, Adgaon KD, Adoli, Adsul, Agar, Akola City, Akola, Akoli Jahangir, Akolkhed, Akot Kut, Akot, Alanda, Alegaon, Amana, Amkheda, Anbhora, Anchal, Andura, Ansing, Anvi, Apoti, Arak, Asegaon, Asola KD, Assegaon Bazar, Assegaon Pen, Babhulgaon, Babhulgaon Jahangir, Bahadura, Balapur, Balegaon, Bapori, Barshitakli, Batwadi, Belkhed, Bembla, Bhamb, Bhamberi, Bhandaraj, Bhar, Bhatori, Bhatumara, Bhaurad, Bhendi Mahal, Bhuli, Bordi, Borgaon KD, Borgaon Manju, Borta, Bramhi, Chandikapur, Chandur, Channi, Charangaon, Chatari, Chikhalgaon, Chikhali, Chinchamba Bhar, Chinchambapen, Chittalwadi, Chivara, Chohatta, Chondhi, Dabha, Dagadparwa, Dahigaon, Dahigaon Gawande, Dahihanda, Danapur, Danori Panori, Dapura, Dapura Kd, Dawha, Degaon, Deoli, Deori, Deulgaon Bramhan, Dhabha, Dhamni, Dhanaj BK, Dhanaj KD, Dhanora Ghatge , Dhanora KD, Dhawanda, Dhotardi, Dhumka, Digras, Dongargaon, Dongargaon, Dongarkinhi, Donwada, Durgwada, Falegaon, Fulumari, Gaigaon, Gaiwal, Gajanan Nagar, Gandhigram, Gandhinagar Akola, Gawandgaon, Gawha , Ghodegaon, Ghota, Ghungshi, Ghusar, Girda, Giroli, Gobhani, Goregaon, Goregaon KD, Gowardhan, Gudadhi, Gurumandir Karanja, Hanwadi, Haral, Hata, Hatgaon, Hatola, Hatrun, Hingani KD, Hinganwadi, Hirpur, Hivara Mana, Hivara Rohila, Hivra BK, Hiwarkhed Ruprao, Inzori, Jaipur, Jalgaon Nahate, Jamakeshwar, Jamathi , Jamb, Jambha, Januna, Jatharpeth Akola, Jaulka, Jaulkhed, Kajalamba, Kajaleshwar, Kajaleshwar, Kalamba Bodkhe, Kalamba Mahali, Kalambeshwar, Kalambi Mahagaon, Kalwadi, Kamargaon, Washim, Kanadi, Kanheri Gawali, Kanheri Sarap, Kanshioni , Kanzara, Kanzara, Kapshi , Karanja Ramzanpur, Karanja, Washim, Karanji, Karkheda, Karli, Karli, Kasola, Kasura, Kata, Kaulkhed, Kaulkhed, Kawasa BK, Kawatha Naik, Kawathal, Kazikhed, Kekatumara, Keliveli, Kenwad, Keshavnagar, Khambora, Khanapur, Khandala, Khandala, Khandala Shinde, Kheldeshpande, Kherda, Kherda Bhagai, Kherda Vilegaon, Khetri, Khirkund, Khirpuri, Kinhiraja , Kinkhed, Kinkhed, Kokalgaon, Kolambi, Kondoli, Kothali, Kothari, Koyali BK, Krishinagar Akola, Kupta, Kurankhed, Kurum, Kutasa, Ladegaon, Lakhpuri, Lehani, Linga Kotwal, Lohara, Lohgad, Lonagra, Loni Arab, Loni Sm, Madhapuri, Mahagaon, Mahagaon, Mahan, Malegaon Bazar, Malegaon, Malkapur, Malrajura, Malsoor, Mana, Manabda, Manabha, Manarkhed, Mandwa, Mangrul Kambe, Mangrulpir, Mangul Zanak, Manjari, Manora, Washim, Marsul, Masalapen, Mazod, Medshi, Mendra, Mhaisang, Mhaispur, Mhatodi, Midc Shivar, Mohala, Mohari, Mohoja, Mokha, Mop, Morgaon Bhakre, Morgaon Kakad, Morgaon Sadijan, Morzadi, Mothegaon, Mundgaon, Mungla, Murtizapur City, Murtizapur, Nagardas, Nagthana, Nandhana, Navali, Ner, Netansa, Nimba, Nimbha, Nimbhora, Nimbi Malokar, Nimkarda, Nipana, Pailpada, Palodi, Palso Badhe, Palsod, Panaj, Panchgavhan, Pangra Bandi, Pangri Kute, Pangri Navghare, Paras, Pardi Asra, Pardi Tad, Pardi Takmore, Parwa, Pathardi, Patkhed, Patur Nandapur, Patur, Pedgaon, Pimpalgaon, Pimpalkhuta, Pimpri Kd, Pimpri Modak, Pinjar, Poghat, Poha, Pohara Devi, Pohi, Popatkheda, Poti, Punda, Punoti KD, Rahit, Rail, Rajanda, Rajankhed, Rajnapur Khinkhini , Rajura, Ramdaspeth Akola, Ramtek, Ranpisenagar Akola, Raundala, Ridhora, Risod, Rithad, Rpts Akola, Rui, Ruikhed, Sakhardoh, Sanglood, Sangvi Kd, Sasti, Saundala, Sawad, Sawali, Sawara, Sawargaon, Sawargaon Jire, Shaha, Shegi, Shelubazar Mana, Shelubazar, Shelukhadse, Shendona, Shendurjana, Shioni , Shirla Andhare, Shirpur, Shivaji Park Akola, Sindkhed, Sirso, Sirsoli, Sonala, Washim, Sonori, Soyata, Sukali, Sukoda, Tajnapeth Akola, Talap BK, Talegaon Bazar, Tamsi, Tandali, Tandali BK, Tandali Shewai, Tarhala, Telhara, Akola, Titwa, Tiwali, Tondgaon, Tornala, Tornala, Tulanga BK, Ugawa, Ukali Bazar, Ukali Jahangir, Umara, Umara Balapur, Umara Shamshuddin, Umari, Umari, Umbarda Bazar, Ural, Vadegaon, Vidyutnagar Paras, Vilegaon, Vitholi, Viwara, Vizora, Vyad, Vyala, Wadad, Wadali Deshmukh, Wadi Adampur, Wagha, Wai Pargane Mana, Wai Pargane Mangrulpir, Waigaul, Wairat Rajapur, Wakad, Wanoja, Wara Jahangir, Warala, Wari, Waroli, Warud, Warud Jaulka, Wasari, Washim City, Washim, Yawardi, Yekamba, Yeota, Yeota, Yeoti, Yeranda, Yeranda, Zodga, Zodga, Achalpur City, Adgaon, Adgaon Navapur, Adula Bazar, Alangaon, Aloda, Ambada EB O, Ambapati, Ambapeth, Amla, Amla Vishweshwar, Amner, Amravati Camp, Amravati, Anjangaon Bari EB O, Anjangaon, Anjansingi, Anjanwati, Antargaon, Arala, Asadpur, Asegaon Purna, Ashoknagar, Ashti, Ashtoli, Asra, Babhli, Badnapur, Badnera, Badnera Town, Baggi, Bairagad, Bargaon, Belaj, Belora, Benoda, Bhaji Bazar Amravati, Bhamod, Bhandaraj, Bhankheda Khurd, Bhatkkuli Ranak, Bhatkuli, Bhemdi, Bhilona, Bhokarbardi, Bhugaon, Bijudhawadi, Bobdo, Bopapur, Borala, Borala, Borda, Bordi, Borgaon Dhande, Borgaon Dharmale, Borgaon Peth, Bori, Brahmanwada Gov, Brahmanwada Thadi, Chakarda, Chamak BK, Chandas Wathoda, Chandur Bazar, Chandur Railway, Chatwabod, Chausala, Chendakapur, Chhota Bazar, Chikhal Savangi, Chikhaldara, Chikhali, Chikhali Vaidya, Chincholi BK, Chincholi Gawal, Chincholi Kale, Chincholi Shinghane, Chinchpur, Chourakund, Churni, Congress Nagar, Amravati, Cotton Market, Dabha, Dabhada, Dabida, Dabka, Dadhi, Dahenda, Dahigaon, Dahigaon Reche, Dahigaonpura, Dapori, Dapori Khurd, Darapur, Daryapur, Daryapur Town, Dawargaon, Deogaon, Deurwada, Dewara Antora, Dewara, Dhamak, Dhamangaon, Dhamangaon Gadhi, Dhamangaon R S , Dhamangaon Town, Dhamodi, Dhamori Kasba, Dhanegaon, Dhanodi, Dhanodi, Dhanora Fasi, Dhanora Gurav, Dhanora Mhali, Dhanora Mogal, Dharan Mahu, Dharni, Dhoter Kheda, Dhulghat Rly, Dhulghat Road, Dighi, Diya, Doma, Duni, Ekdara, Gadegaon, Gaiwadi, Gangarkheda, Ganoja Devi, Ganori, Gaurkheda, Gaurkheda Bazar, Gavandkund, Gawandgaon, Gawhan, Ghatladki, Ghuikhed, Gokul Market, Gurukunj Ashram, H V Nagar, Hantoda, Haram, Harisal, Hartala, Hatru, Haturna, Haturna, Hirabambai, Hirpur, Hirur, Hiwara BK, Hiwarkhed, Isambari, Itki Antargaon, Ittamgaon, Jainpur, Jalka Hirapur, Jalka Jagtap, Jalka Patache, Jamgaon, Jamli, Jamthi Ganeshpur, Januna, Jarud, Jasapur, Jawala, Jawala BK, Jawala Shahpur, Juna Dhamangaon, kadhav, Kajna, Kakda, Kalamgaon, Kalamkhar, Kalashi, Kalgawhan, Kamalpur Taroda, Kamnapur Ghusal, Kandli, Kanholi, Kapustalni, Kapustalni, Karajgaon, Gandhighar, Karajgaon, Karanja Bahiram, Karla, Karla, Kasarkheda, Kathora, Kati, Katkumbha, Katpur, Katsur, Kawadgavan, Kawali, Kawatha, Kawatha Kadu, Kawathal, Kawitha, Kekatpur, Khairi, Khairi Tembhru, Khalkoni, Khallar, Khanapur, Khaparkheda, Kharala, Kharpi, Khartalegaon, Khaspur, Khed, Kholapur, Khondgaon, Khopada, Kohana, Kokarda, Kolha, Kolvihir, Kulangana, Kumbhargaon, Kural, Kurha, Kurha, Kushta BK, Kusumkot, Kutanga, Ladki, Lahegaon, Lakhad, Lehegaon, Linga, Lohgaon, Loni, Loni Takli, Lotwada, Madhan, Maheriam, Mahuli Chor, Mahuli Dhande, Mahuli Jahagir, Malhara, Malkhed, Mandwa, Mangrul Bhilasp, Mangrul Chawala, Mangrul Dastgir, Mangruli, Manjarkhed, Manjri Masla, Marda, Mardi, Markanda, Mhaispur, Mokhad, Morgad, Morshi, Motha, Mozri, Murha, Murtizapur Taro, Nalwada, Nanded BK, Nandgaon Khandeshwar, Nandgaon Peth, Nandrun, Nandsawangi, Nandura Bl, Nanduri, Narayanpur, Naya Akola, Nerpingalai, Nimbha, Nimbhari, Nimbhi, Nimbhora Bodkhe, Nimbhora Delwad, Nimboli, Nimgavan, Nimkhed Bazar, Nirul, Old Cotton Market, Pala, Palaskhed, Palasmandal, Pandhari, Papal, Parasapur, Paratwada, Pardi, Pardi, Parlam, Pathrot, Pauni, Phubgaon, Phulamala, Pimpal Vihir, Pimpalgaon Nipa, Pimpalkhuta, Pimpalkhuta, Pimpalkhuta, Pimplod, Pimpri, Pimpri Nipani, Pohara, Porgawhan, Purna Nagar, Pusda, Pusla, Rahatgaon, Rahu, Raipur, Rajapeth, Rajna Purna, Rajura, Rajura Bazar, Rajurwadi, Rama, Ramtirth, Ranitamboli, Rasegaon, Ratnapur, Rewasa, Rithpur, Roshankheda, Rukhmini Nagar, Sadrabadi, Sai Nagar, Salepur, Salod, Salona, Salora Khurd, Samda, Sanglood, Sant GadgebabaAmravatiUniversityS O, Sarfapur, Sarsi Kothoda, Sasan Ramapur, Satargaon, Satargaon, Sategaon, Satephal, Satnoor, Saur, Sawalapur, Sawalikheda, Sawaner, Sawanga, Sawangi, Sawangi Magrapur, Sawarkheda, Sayat, Semadoh, Shahapur, Shendola BK, Shendola KH, Shendurjana Bazar, Shendurjana Dha, Shendurjana Ghat, Shingnapur, Shingori, Shirala, Shirkhed, Shirpur, Shivaji Nagar, Amravati, Shivangaon, Shivani Rasulpu, Shivar, Sindi BK, Sirajgaon Band, Sirasgaon, Sirasgaon Kasba, Sirasgaon Korde, Sirasgaon Mozar, Sonapur, Songaon, Sonora BK, Sonori, SRPF Camp, Sultanpur Nandu, Surali, Surji , Anjangaon, Surli, Susarda, Takarkheda, Takarkheda More, Takli, Takli, Takli BK, Talegaon, Talegaon Dashasar, Talegaon Mohana, Talegaon Thakur, Talni Purna, Talwel, Tambursonda, Tapovan, Taroda, Tarubanda, Tawlar, Telkhar, Tembhurkheda, Tembli, Teosa Ghat, Thilori, Tiosa, Titamba, Tiwara, Tondgaon, Tonglabad, Tuljapur Gadhi, Turkhed, Udapur, Udkhed, Umri Mamadabad, Uttamsara, V M V , Amravati, Veni Ganeshpur, Verha, Vichori, Vihigaon, Virshi, Virul Ronghe, Vishnora, Vishroli, Wadgaon Fatepur, Wadgaon Mahore, Wadgaon Rajdi, Wadhona, Wadhona Ramnath, Wadnergangai, Wadura, Waigaon, Waki Raipur, Walgaon Road Tso Amravati, Walgaon, Wani, Warud Bk, Warud, Wasni Bzk, Wastapur, Wathoda Naya, Wathoda Sh , Werkhed, Yawali Dongar, Yawali, Yenas, Yeoda, Yeota, Yeoti, Yerad, Yerandgaon, Yerla, Yesurna, Zada, Zilpi, Adgaon Raja, Adol BK, Adsul, Advihir, Alampur, Aland, Alsana, Ambashi, AMBETAKALI, Amboda, Amdapur, Ancharwadi, Andhera, Anjani, Anjani Khurd, ANTRAJ, Antri Deshmukh, Antri Khedekar, Aregaon, Asalgaon, ATALI, AWAR, Awha Yunuspur, Banoda Eklara, Bawanbir, Belad, Belgaon, Bhadgani, Bhadgaon, Bhadola, Bhajisath Nandura, Bhalegaon, Bhalegaon Bazar, Bharosa, Bhendwad, Bhongaon, Bhosa, Bhota, Bhumrala, Bibi, Bodkha, Borakhedi, Borakhedi Bawra, Borgaon Kakde, BORI ADGAON, Borjawala, BOTHA KAJI, Bramhapuri, Buldana, Chaigaon, Chaitanya Wadi, Chandol, Chandur Biswa, Changephal, Chawara, Chikhali, Chikhli, Buldhana, Chincholi Bore, Chincholi Karfarma, Chinchpur, CHITODA, Cotton Market Chikhli, Dabhadi, Dadulgaon, Dahid, Dahigaon, Dahigaon M, Daregaon, Dasarkhed, Datala, Dawargaon, Deodhaba, Deulgaon Dhangar, Deulgaon Kol, Deulgaon Mahi, Deulgaon Mali, Deulgaon Raja, Deulgaon Sakharsha, Deulghat, Dhad, Dhalsawangi, Dhamangaon, Dhamangaon Badhe, Dhanora Mahasidha, Dhanora Vitali, Dharangaon, Buldhana, Dhorapgaon, Dhotra Bhangoji, Dhotra Naik, Didola, Dighi, Digras BK, Dongaon, Dongar Khandala, Dongarshewali, Dudha, Dudhalgaon BK, Dusarbid, Eklara, G S College Khamgaon, Gadegaon Khurd, Gandhari, GANESHPUR, Gangalgaon, GARADGAON, GAVHAN, Ghanegaon, GHAROD, Ghatbori, Ghirni, Godri, Gohogaon, GONDHANAPUR, Gummi, Gunj, Harankhed, Harsoda, Hatedi, Hatni, HINGANA KAREGAON, Hirdao, Hiwara BK, Hiwara Khurd, HIWARKHED, Hiwarkhed, Isoli, Isrul, Jaipur, JALAMB, Jalgaon, Jalka Bhadang, Jamb, Jambhora, Jambhul, Jambhuldhaba, Jamod, Janephal, Janori Nipana, Jastgaon, Jawala BK, Jigaon, Kalambeshwar, KALEGAON, Kalyana, Kankanwada, Karwand, Katel Kolad, Kavthal, Kawhala, Kelanagar, Kelwad, Kesapur, Khaira, Khalegaon, Khallad Gavhan, Khamgaon, Khamkhed, Khandala Makardhwaj, Khandvi, Kharbadi, Kherda, Kherda, Khumgaon, Kingaon Jattu, Kingaon Raja, KINHI MAHADEO, Kinhola, Kodri, Kolara, Kolwad, Korhala Bazar , Kothali, Ladnapur, LAKHANWADA, Lanjud, LASURA KD, Lawhala, Liha BK, LOKHANDA, Lonar, LONI, Loni Gaoli, M I D C , Khamgaon, Madakhed, Madh, Makodi, Malegaon, Malkapur City, Malkapur Pangra, Malkapur, Buldhana, Mamulwadi, Manasgaon, Mangrul Navghare, Masrul, Matergaon, Mehkar, Mehuna, Mendgaon, Mendhali, Mera BK, Mera Khurd, Mhaiswadi, Mhasla BK, Mola, Mominabad, Motala, Nagzari, Naigaon, Naigaon Duttapur, Nandra, Nandra Koli, Nandura, Nandura Town, Narkhed, Narvel, Nimgaon, Nimkhed, Nipana, Nipana, Niwana, Padali, Pahurjira, Palaskhed Daulat, PALSHI, Palsi Supo, Palsi Zanshi, Pangarkhed, Pangra Dole, Pangri, Panhera Khedi, Panhera Wadoda, Parkhed, Paturda, Peth, Pimpalgaon BK, Pimpalgaon Devi, Pimpalgaon Kale, Pimpalgaon Nath, Pimpalgaon Raja, Pimpalgaon Sarai, Pimpalgaon Unda, Pimpri Deshmukh, PIMPRI GAWALI, Pimpri Gawali, Pimpri Khandare, Pimpri Mali, Pophali, Poraj, Raheri BK, Raigaon, Raipur, Rajegaon, Rajur, Rohinkhed, ROHNA, Rokdiya Nagar, Rudhana, Sagoda, Sagwan, Sakegaon, Sakhali, Sakhar Kherda, Sangrampur, Buldhana, Sao, Saokhed Bhoi, Saokhed Tejan, Saramba, Sarola Maroti, Sarshiv, Satgaon Bhusari, Satgaon Mhasla, Savkhed Nagare, Sawadad, Sawana, Sawangi Tekale, Sawargaon, Sawargaon Dukare, SHAHAPUR, Shara, Shegaon, Shelapur, Shelgaon Atol, Shelgaon Bazar, Shelgaon Deshmukh, Shelgaon Mukund, Shelsur, Shemba, Shendla, Shendurjan, Shioni Pisa, Shioni Taka, Shiradhon, SHIRLA NEMANE, Shirpur, Sindi, Sindkhed Lapali, Sindkhed Raja, Singaon Jahagir, Somthana, Sonala, Sonati, Sonoshi, Sultanpur, Sundarkhed, Sungaon, Sutala BK, Tadshioni, Tadulwadi, Takarkhed, Takarkhed Helga, Takli Viro, Talkhed, Talni, Tambola, TEMBHURNA, Titvi, Toranwada, Tuljapur, Tunki, Ukali, Umali, Umbarkhed, Umrad, UNDRI, Uti, Veni, VIHIGAON, Vishvi, Vivara, Wadaji, Wadgaon Mali, Wadgaon Tejan, Wadhao, Wadi, Wadner Bholaji, Wadshingi, Waghala, Wankhed, Wardadi BK, Warkhed, WARNA, Warud, Warwand, Warwand, Warwat Bakal, Warwat Khanderao, Wasadi BK, WAZAR, Yelgaon, Yerli, Zadegaon, Zodga, Zotinga, Adapalli, Adegaon, Adyal, Adyal Tekadi, Aheri, Aheri, Aksapur, Allapalli, Alwahi, Amadi Beguide, Ambenri, Ambeshioni, Amboli, Amgaon, Mal, Amgaon Buti, Amirza, Anandwan, Andhali, Angara, Ankhoda, Ankisa, Antargaon, Antargaon, Antargaon, Antargaon, Antargav, Arda, Arenda, Arher Nawargaon, Arjuni, Arjuni, Armori, Armurkasa, Arsoda, Artondi BO, Arvi, Asaralli, Ashta, Ashti, Gadchiroli, Awalapur, Awalgaon, Awalpur Cement Project, Babupeth, Bakhardi, Balapur, Ballarpur Paper Mill, Ballarpur, Bamani, Bamni, Bamni, Baradkinhi, Bedgaon, Belgaon, Bembal, Bethakathi, Bhadbhidi, Bhadrawati, Bhakrondi, Bhamragadh, Bhapada, Bhari, Bhatala, Bhedoda, Bhejgaon, Bhendala, Bhendala, Bhimpur, Bhisi, Bhoygaon, Bodhali, Bond, Borda, Borgaon, Bori, Bori, Bormala, Botekasa, Bothali, Bothali, Bramhapuri, Burgi, Cementnagar, Chakdarur, Chakpetala, Challewada, Chamorshi BK BO, Chamorshi, Chandagad, Chandankheda, Chandankhedi, Chandanwahi, Chandrapur City, Chandrapur, Chandrapur Ord Fact, Chandrapur TPS, Chandur, Chandrapur, Chapalwada, Charbhatti, Chargaon BK, Chargaon KD, Charli, Charur Khati, Chatgaon, Chaudampalli, Chaugaon, Chavela, Chichpalli, Chikani, Chikhali, Chikhli, Chilamtola, Chimda, Chimur, Chinchala, Chincholi, Chinchpundi, Chinora, Chintaldhaba, Chirchedi, Chiroli, Chittaranjan, Chora, Chotimadai, ChotiMadhe, Chunala, Churchura, Churmura, Chutuguntha, Dabgaon Maktha, Dadapur BO, Dahegaon, Dampur, Darli BO, Dawadi, Dechalipeta, Delanwadi, Deloda, Desaiganj, Deulgaon, Deulgoan, Devalmari, Devipur Camp BO, Dewada, Dewada Khurd, Dhaba, Dhamangaon, Dhamrancha, Dhanoli, Dhanora Pipri, Dhanora, Dhargaon, Dibhana, Dighori, Doma, Dongargaon, Dongargaon, Dongargaon BK, Dongargaon Khadi, Dongargav, Dongarmendha BO, Dubbaguda, Dudhmala, Dudholi Bamini, Durgapur, Durgapur, Ekarjuna, Elgur, Estapur, Ettapalli, Fharada, Fiskuti, Futana, Gadbori, Gadchiroli Coll, Gadchiroli, Gajegoan, Gangalwadi, Ganpur Rayatwari, Ganuli, Gatta, Gatta, Geda, Gewara BK, Gewardha, Ghati, Ghatkul, Ghodpeth, Ghot, Ghotsur, Ghugus Colliery, Gilgaon, zamindari, Girgaon, Girgaon, Gilgaon, Girola BO, Gogaon, Gojoli Maktha, Gomani, Gommalkonda, Gondpipri, Gothangaon, Gothankandi, Govindpur, Govindpur, Gowardhan, Gowari, Gramsevak Trg, Gudigudam, Gulgaon, Gundapalli, Gunjewahi, Gurnoli BO, Gurupalli, Guruwala, Gyaraptti, H L C , Halda, Haldimal, Halewar, Haramba, Hardoli, Heti, Hirapur, Hirapur, Indaram, Irasgumme, Jairampur, Jambhali, b , Jambhali, Jambhulghat, Jambhulkheda BO, Jamgaon Komti, Jamni, Jamsala, Jamtukam, Janampalli, Jappi, Japtalai, Jarawandi, Jena, Jepra, Jibgaon, Jimalgatta, Jinganur, Jivangatta, Jiwati, Jogisakhara, Jugnala, Junona, Kacharala, Kadholi, Kadholi, Kadholi, Kahali, Kajalsar, Kalamgaon, Kalamgaon, Kalamgaon Ganna, Kalinagar, Kamlapur, Gadchiroli, Kandoli, Kaneri, Kanewada, Kanhalgaon, Kanhalgaon Sonule, Kanpa, Kapsi, Karanji, Karpundi, Karwafa, Kasampeth, Kasansur, Kasargatta, Kasawi BO, Katali Hitachal BO, Kawathi, Kelzar, Keroda, Kewada Mokasa, Khadki, Khadsangi, Khamancheru, Khambada, Khambada, Khambala, Khatgaon, Khed, Khedi, Khemjai, Khirdi, Khobramendha, Khudirampalli, Khutala Mokasa, Kinhi, Kinhi, Kirmitimendha, Kitali Bormal, Kochampalli, Kodari, Kodsi, Kohaka, Kokdi, Kolara Tukum, Kolsa, Kondali, Kondha, Konsari, Koparalli, Kopela, Korchi, Koregaon, Koregoan, Korla Mal, Korpana SO, Kosami, Kosarsar, Kotapalli, Kotgad, Kotgal, Kotgaon, Kotgul, Kothada, Kothami, Kothari, Kothari, Koti, Kotra, Kristapur, Kuchana, Kudakodi, Kulgondi, Fulgondi, Kulkuli, Kunghada, Kurkheda, Kurud, Kurud, Kurumwada, Kurumwelli, Kurundi, Kurza, Ladbori, Lagam, Laheri, Lakhadkot, Lakhamapur Bori, Lakhampur, Lathi, Lekha, Lendaritola BO, Likhatwada, Likhithwada, Londholi, Madaram, Madetukum, MADHELI , Madnapur, Mahagaon BK, Mahalgaon Kalu, Makepalli, Malankodur, Maldugi, Malewada, Malewada, Malleramal, Manapur, Mandwa, Mangalgaon, Mangali Arab, Mangrul, Manne Rajaram, Manora, Marda, Markanda Deo, Markhanda, K, Maroda, Marpalli, Masal, Masali, Matha, Maushi, Maushi Khamb, Medaram, Medpalli, Meha BK, Mel, Mendhatola, Mendki, Metepar, Mhasali, Mhatardevi, MIDC, P, Mindhala, Mohali, Mohali Mokasa, Mohali Naleshwar, Mohgoan, Mohorli, Mokhala, Morchul, Morkekasa, Markekasa, Motegaon, Motgoan, Mohgoan, Moushi, Moyabinpetta, Mudholi, Mudholi Chak No Ii, Mudza, Mudza, Mul, Mulchera SO, Muramgaon, Murkhada, Murkhada Chak, Murmadi, Murmuri, Muska, Nachanbhatti, Nagbhid, Nagepalli, Nagram, Nagri, Nagrinavegaon, Nalfadi, Nanda, Nanded, Nandgaon, Nandgaon, Nandgaon, Nandgaon Podey, Nandori, Nandpa, Nanhi, Nanhori, Naranda, Narayanpur, Narkada, Narsihapalli, Navegaon Hundeshwari, Navegaon Lonkhairi, Navegaon Pandav, Navegaon Rayatwari, Navegaon SO, Navezari, Navkhala, Navtala, Nawargaon, Nawargaon, Nawargoan, Nawegaon More, Neri, Nifandra, Nilaj, Nilsani Pedgaon, Nimgaon, Nimgaon, Nokewada, Pachgaon, Padmapur Rayatwari, Padoli, Paharni, Palasgad, Palasgaon, Palasgaon, Palasgaon Jat, Palasgaon Khurd, Palasgaon Piparda, Palasgav, Palebarsa, PALI, Palle, Pandharpauni, Panjurni, Paradgaon, Pardi, Pardi, Pardikupi, Patala, Patan, Pathanpura, Pathargota, Pathari, Chandrapur, Pattagudam, Pauni, Pavimuranda, Payali Bhatali, Pedgaon, Pendhari, Pendhari, Pendhari Maktha, Pentipaga, Permelli, Pimpalgaon, Pimpalneri, Pipari, Dixit, Pipri, Naranda, Pirli, Pombhurna, Porla, Potegaon, Pudiyal Mohada, Pulkhal, Purada, Rajaram, Rajgad, Rajoli, Chandrapur, Rajura, M, Ramala, Ramanoorpur, Rameshgudam, Ramgarh, Randhampetha, Rangaapalli, Rangi, Ranveli, Ratnapur, Regadi, Regunta, Rupapet, Sagra, Sakela, Sakhara, Sakhara Rajapur, Sakhari, Sakharwahi, Sakhera, Salebatti, Salori, Samda Buzruk, Saoli, Saori, Saradpar, Sasti, Sathgaon, Sawalkheda, Sawanga, Sawangi, Sawargaon, Sawargaon, Sawargaon, Segaon KD, Segaon, Chandrapur, Semana, Sembal, Seraj , Sewari, Shankarpur, Shankarpur BO, Shashtrinagar, Shendepar, Shengaon, Shengaon, Sheoni, Shioni, Shioni BK, Shiora, Shivjinagar, Sindewahi, Sindhi, Sirkanda, Sironcha Mal, Sironcha, Sirpur, Sirshi, Sode, Soit, Somanpalli, Somnath Prakala, Sonapur, Sonapur Deshpande, Sondo, Sonsari, Sonurli, Sonurli BK, Subai, Subhashgram, Sukala, Sumthana, Surla, Sursundi, Tadali, Tadgaon, Talegaon, Talodhi Balapur, Talodhi Bhangaram, Talodhi Mokasa, Talodhi Naik, Tambegadimendha, Tekada, Tekamandava, Tekla, Teklamotala, Tembhurda, Tembhuwahi, Thakri, Thanegaon, Todsa, Tohogaon, Toyagondi, Tuchanhar, Tutekanhar, Tulsi, Tummnor, Tumurgunda, Udera, Umari Potdar, Uparwahi, Ushral Mendha, Vairagadh, Vansadi BO, Vasantpur, Vatra, Vedmahim, Venkatraopetta, Vihirgaon, Vihirgaon, Vihirgaon, Vihirgoan, Vikaspalli, Vilam, Viloda, Vir R S , Virur Gadegaon, Visapur, Vishnupur, Visora, Vithalwada, Vyahad BK, Vyankatapura, Vyankatapura, Vyhad Khurd, Wadadha, Wadadha, Wadegaon, Wadholi, Wadhona, Wadkuli, Wadsi, Waghnakh, Wagholi, Wahangaon, Waigaon, Waigaon Tukum, Wakdi, Wakdijuni, Walsara, Waneri, Wangepalli, Warora, Warud Road, Wasa, Wasala, Wasera, Yechali, Yedanur, Yellapur, Yenapur, Yengalkheda, Yeoli, Yergavhan, Yergawhan, Dewada, Yerkad, Yermana, Abhyankar Nagar, Ajni, Ayodhya Nagar, Bagadganj, BESA Road, Bezonbagh, Borgaon Road, Bureau Of Mines, C R P F Nagpur, Coal Estate, Congress Nagar, Nagpur, Dhantoli, Dighori Naka, Dr Ambedkar Marg, Ganjipeth, Giripeth, Gokulpeth, Hanuman Nagar, Hitavada, Imamwada, Jaitala, Jaripatka, Kalmna Market Yard, Kasturchand Park, Katolroad, Khamla, Khare Town, Laxmi Nagar, Nagpur, Mahal, Nagpur, Mahatma Fule Bazar, Manewada Road, Mankapur, Nagpur, Medical College, Nagpur, Mhalginagar, Mohan Nagar, Nagpur, Mominpura, Nadt Campus, Nagpur Airport, Nagpur City, Nagpur GPO, Nandavan Colony, Narendra Nagar, Nagpur, Nayapura, Neeri, Netaji Market, Panchsheel Nagar, Parvati Nagar, Patwardhan Ground, Raje Raghujinagar, Ranapratap Nagar, Ravi Nagar, Sadar Bazar, Nagpur, Samartha Nagar, Seminary Hills, Shankar Nagar, Shradhananpeth, Sitabuldi, SRPF, Trimurti Nagar, Ujwal Nagar, Nagpur, University Campus, Nagpur, Uppalwadi, V R C E, Vayusena Nagar, Vishwakarma Nagar, Vivekanand Nagar, A D Project, Adam, Adasa, Adasi, Adegaon, Adyar Dupache, Adyar, Bhandara, Ajni, Akot, Alesure, Alewada, Ambadi, Ambhora, Amgaon Adarsh Pauni, Amgaon BK, Amgaon Deori, Amgaon Dighori, Amgaon, Andhalgaon, Anjora, Aptur, Arjuni, Tirora, Arjuni Morgaon, Aroli, Asgaon, Ashta, Ashti, Asoli BO, Babdeo, Badegaon, Bakti, Bamhni, Bamhni, Bamni, Bampewada, Banathar, Bapera, Barabhati, Barwa, Batana, Bazargaon, Bela, Bela, Belati, Belda, Belona, Berdipar, Besur, Betara, Bhagdi, Bhagwanpur, Bhandara, Bhandara Of, Bhandara Road, Bhandara Town, Bhandarbodi, Bhandewadi, Bharsingi, Bhasgaon, Bhawad, Bhendala, Bhishnoor, Bhivkhidki, Bhiwapur, Bhondewada, Bhugaon, Bhugaon, Bhuyar, Bichwa, Bijepar, Bina, Boda, Bondegaon, Surban, Bondgaon Devi, Bopabodi, Borda, Borgaon, Bori, Nagpur, Borkanhar, Borkhedi, Chacher, Champa, Chandori, Chandori, Channa, Channa, Channa, Chanpa, Chapegadi, Chichgarh, Chikhala, Chikhali, Chikhali, Chikhla Basti, Chinchal, Chincholi, Tumsar, Chipiya, Chirchal Bandh, Chirwa, Chopa, Chulhad, Chutiya, Dahegaon Joshi, Dahegaon Rangari, Dandegaon, Darekasa, Dasgaon Khurd, Datewadi, Datora, Dattawadi, Dawadipar, Dawaniwada, Dawha, Dawki, Dawlameti, Dawsa, Dawwa, Deolapar, Deoli Kalan, Deoli Kalbande, Deori, Gondia, Devada Bzk, Dhabetekdi, Dhakni, Dhamna, Dhanla, Dhanoli, Dhapewada, Dhapewada, Dhargaon, Dhawlapur, Dighori Kale, Dighori, Digras BK, Dodma, Dongargaon, Dongargaon, Dongargaon, Dongargaon Sadak, Donger Mauda, Dongri BK, Dorli Bhandwalkar, Dorli Bhingare, Dudhala, Dudhala, Erli Khandar, Etikheda, Fegad, Fetri, Futana, Gadegaon, Gaimukh Nanda, Gangazari, Gangla, Gankhaira, Garra, Garra Bageda, Ghonadi, Ghorad, Ghoti, Gidhadi, Girola, Gobarwahi, Godhani, Godhani, Gohna, Gond Mohadi, Gondegaon, Gondia Bazar, Gondia City, Gondia, Gondia Khurd, Gondkhairi, Gondumri, Goregaon, Gondia, Gosi BK, Gothangaon, Gothangaon, Gowri, Gumdhawada, Gumgaon, Gumthala, Gumthi, Gunthara, Gurdha, Hardoli, Hardoli, Hingna Barabhai, Hingna, Hirapur, Hirdamali, Hiwra Bazar, Hiwra Hiwri, Indl Area Nagpur, Indora, Indora Khurd, Industrial Area Butibori, Irli BK, Isapur Khurd, Itan, Itgaon, Jalalkheda, Jamb, Jamgaon BK, Jaoli, Jiwnapur, Kachari Sawanga, Kachewani, Kachurwahi, Kadikasa, Kalambi, Kalamna, Kalimati, Kalimati, Kalmeshwar, kamtha, Kamthi City SO, Kamthi Colliery, Kamthi, Kanalgaon, Kandri, Kandri, Kanhalgaon, Kanhan Pipri, Kanheri, Kanholibara, Kapsi BK, karanja, Kardha, Kardi, Kargaon, Karti BK, Karwahi, Katangi BK, Kati, Birsola, Katol, Kattipar, Kavikulguru Nagar, Kawalewada, Kawarabandh, Kawdas, Kawlewada, Kelod, Kesalwada, Kesalwada, Kesori, Khairgaon, Khairi Akashwani, Khairi Bijewada, Khairi Dhalgaon, Khajari Dongargaon, Khamari, Khandala, Khandala, Khangaon, Khangaon, Khapa, Khapa Ghudan, Khapa, Khaperkheda, Khapri, Khapri, Kharashi, Kharbadi, Kharsoli, Khat, Khatiya, Khodseoni, Khubala, Khumari, Khursapar, Kitadi, Kodamendhi, Kodegaon, Kodelohara, Kodurli, Kohli, Koka, Kokna, Kokodi, Kolari, Konda Kosra, Kondhali, Koradi Tps, Korambitola, Kosamthondi, Kothurna, Kothurna, Kotra, Kudegaon, Kudwa, Kuhi, Kujba, Kumbhali, Kurhadi, Kurza, Ladgaon, Lakhandur, Lakhegaon, Lakhni, Lakhori, Latori, Lava, Lawri Umri, Lendezari, Lobhi, Lohara, Lohara, Lohari Sawanga, Lohgad, Lonkhairi, Madgi, Mahadula, Ramtek, Mahalgaon, Mahuli, Mahurzari, Makardhokda, Makkatola, Malegaon, Malewada, Malutola, Mandesar, Mandhal, Mandvi, Manegaon, Manegaon Tek, Mangli, Mangrud, Mangsa, Mansar, Marni, Marodi, Masal, Masod, Masora, Mathni, Matkazari, Matora, Mauda, Maywadi, Menda, Mendhala, Mendhepathar, Metpanjra, Midc Kalmeshwar, MIDC Nagpur, Minshi, Miregaon, Mitewani, Mohadi, Mohadi Dalvi, Mohadi, Moharna, Mohdura, Mohgaon, Mohgaon Bhadade, Mohgaon BK, Mohgaon Devi, Mohgaon Khadan, Mohgaon R S , Mohpa, Mokhebardi, Mondha, Morgaon, Mowad, Mundikota, Mundipar, Ishwar, Mundipar, Mundri BK, Murdada, Murdoli, Murmadi, Murti, Musalgaon, Musewadi, Nagalwadi, Nagardhan, Nagpura, Nagra, Nagrakatangi, Nakadongri, Nand, Narkher, Narsala, Navegaon Bandh, Navegaon BK, Navegaon Chinchghat, Navegaon Isapur, Navegaon Kalan, Navegaon Khairi, Navegaon Sadhu, Navezari, Naxi, Nayakund, Neri, Nerla, Niharwani, Nilaj, Nimkheda, Opera, Pachgaon, Pachkhedi, Padri Thana, Pahani Chinchala, Pahela, Palandur Zamindari, Palandur, Chauras, Palasgaon, Palasgaon, Palora, Palora, Pandharbodi, Pandhari, Pandharwani, Paradsinga, Parastola, Paraswada, Paraswada, Pardi, Pardi Deshmukh, Parseoni, Parsodi, Parsodi Rayatwadi, Patansaongi, Patharai, Pathri, Gondia, Pauldauna, Pauni, Pauni, Phukimeta, Phulchur, Pimpalgaon Khambi, Pimpalgaon Kohli, Pimpalgaon Nipani, Pimpalgaon Sadak, Pindkepar, Pipariya, Pipariya, Pipla, Pipla Dakbanglow, Pipla Kewalram, Pipla Kinkhede, Pipra, Pipri, Pohra, Pratapgarh, Purada, rajegaon, Rajola, Rajori, Bharnoli, Rama, Ramtek, Ramthi, Ranala, Ratnara, Raulgaon, Rawanwadi, Rengepar, Rewral, Ridhora, Ridhora, Rohna, Rui, Sadak Arjuni, Sakoli, Salaidhabha, Salaigodhni, Salaikhurd, Salebhata, Salekasa, Salva, Salwa, Sangadi, Saoli Dongargaon, Saoner, Sarandi, Sarandi, Sarkartola, Sasra, Satak, Satalwada, Satgaon, Satona, Sawangi Asola, Sawargaon, Sawarla, Sawri, Seloti, Sendurwafa, Seo, Seoni, Shahpur, Shejgaon, Shenda, Shioni, Shirpur, Shirpurbagh Colony, Shiwa Sawanga, Shiwapur, Sihora, Bhandara, Sillewara Project, Silli, Silli, Sindhi Umri, Sirsi Navegaon, Sirsi, Nagpur, Sitepar, Soni, Soni Chapral, Sonoli, Sonpuri, Soundad, Sukhali Dakaram, Suplipar, Surgaon, Takalghat, Takli Bhansali, Tamaswadi, Tanda, Tangla, Tarna, Tarsa, Tas, Tedha, Tekepar, Telgaon, Telkamathi, Temsana, Thadipauni, Thana, Thana Petrol Pump, Thanegaon, Thaturwada, Thugaon Deo, Thutanbori, Tigaon, Tilli Mohgaon, Timezari, Tinkheda, Tirkhedi, Tirora, Titur, Tukum Narayan, Tumkheda Khurd, Tumsar Road, Tumsar, Ubali, Udasa, Umarwada, Umred Bazar, Umred Project, Umred, Umri, Umri Wagh, Ungaon, Uparwahi, Veltur, Vihirgaon, Virkhandi, Virshi, Vyahad Bzk, Wadad, Wadamba, Waddhamna, Wadegaon, Wadegaon R S , Wadi, Nagpur, Wadoda, Wagh, Waghoda, Wahani, Waki, Wakodi, Walni, Walni, Walni Colliery, Wanadongri, Yekodi, Gondia, Yekodi, Sakoli, Yenikoni, Yenwa, Yerla, Dhote, Yerli, Zarpada, Zilpa, Agargaon, Ajansara, Akoli, Allipur, Wardha, Andori, Anji, Antora, Arvi Chhoti, Arvi, Wardha, Ashti, Wardha, Bela, Bhankheda, Bharaswara, Bhidi, Bhishnoor, BHOSA BO, Bokenagar, Borgaon Hatla, Borgaon Meghe, Borgaon Tumni, Bori, Bothuda, Chikni, Chincholi, Chincholi, Chincholi, Chincholi Dange, Chistur, Cotton Market, Dahegaon Dhande, Dahegaon Gawande, Dahegaon Gondi, Dahegaon Gosavi, Dahegaon Miskin, Dahegaon Mustafa, Daroda, Dattapur, Delwadi, Deoli, Wardha, Deorwara, Dhanodi Bahaddarpur, Dhanoli, Dhotra, Dongargaon, Gaul, Ghorad, Girad, Giroli, Goji, GOPURI BO, Hamdapur, Hindinagar, Hinganghat, Hinganghat Town, Hingani, Indira Market Wardha, Inzhala, Jalgaon, Jam, Jamalpur, Jasapur, Junapani, Junona, Juwadi, Kachnoor, Kajali, Kajalsara, Kakda, Kandegaon, Kandhali, Kangaon, Kannamwargram, Kaotha, Kapsi, Karanja, Wardha, Kasarkheda, Kelzar, Khadki, Khandala, Khangaon, Khapari, Kharangna Gode, Kharangna, Khubgaon, Kopra, Kora, Kotamba, Lahan Arvi, Madni Karanji, Mahabala, Malegaon Theka, Manas Mandir Wardha, Mandgaon, MANDWA BO, Mangrul Dasoda, Manikwara, Masod, MGIHU, Mozari, Nachangaon, Nagzari, Nalwadi BO, Nandora Dafre, Nandori, Nandpur, Nara, Neri Mirzapur, Nimbha, Nimboli, Padegaon, Paloti, Panwadi, Pardi, Nagaji, Pardi, Paunar, Paunoor, Pimpalgaon Lute, Pimpalkhuta, Pipri, Pipri Meghe, Pipri Pargothan, Pohana, Pulgaon Camp, Pulgaon, Ramnagar Wardha, Rasulabad, Rehaki Kala, Rohana, Rohani, Sahur, Salaipevath, Salod Hirapur, Samudrapur, Sarwadi, Sawali BK, Sawali Khurd, Sawali Wagh, Sawangi Meghe SO, Seldoha, Seloo Kate, Seloo, Selsura, Sewagram, Shegaon Kund, Shekapur Bai, Shirpur, Sindi, Sindi Vihiri, Sirasgaon Bazar, Sonegaon Abaji, Sonora, Sorta, Sukali Bai, Sukli Station, Surgaon, Takarkheda, Talegaon Talatule, Talegaon, SP, Tarasawanga, Taroda, Thanegaon, Umri, Vijaygopal, Virul, Wabgaon, Wadala, Wadhona, Wadner, Wagholi, Waifad, Waigaon Gond, Waigaon Haldya, Waigaon Nipani, Wardha, Wardha Market, Wardhamaneri, Washi, Watkhed, YAC Wardha, Yelakeli, Yerala, Zadgaon Gosavi, Zadsi, Adegaon, Adegaon, Adegaon, Ajanti, Akhada Ward, Pandharkawada, Akola Bazar, Akoli, Akoli, Akpuri, Amboda, Anji, Nrusinha, Apti Rampur, Arali, Arambhi, Arjuna, Arni, Asegaon Devi, Ashti, Asola, Awdhutwadi, Yavatmal, Ayata, Babhulgaon, Bangaon, Bansi, Belkhed, Belora, Belora, Belura, Bhalar, Bhamb Raja, Bhandari, Bhandegaon, Bhansara, Bhari, Bhavani Jahagir, Bhojla, Bhosa, Bhulai, Bittergaon, Borda, Borgaon, Linga , Borgaon, Borgaon Vitholi, Bori Arab, Bori Khurd, Both, Brahmangaon, Brahmangaon, Brahmanwada, Buranda, Chahand, Chalbardi, Chanakha, Chatari, Chhoti Gujri, Yavatmal, Chikani, Chikhali Camp, Chikhali Domga, Chikhali Kanhoba, Chikhali Kelapur, Chikhali Ramnath, Chikhalwardha, Chikhli Izara, Chikparam, Chinchala, Chinchghat, Chinchmandal, Chinchoni Botoni, Chopan, Dabha, Pahur, Dabha, Dabhadi, Dahegaon, Daheli, Darati, Darwha, Datodi, Dehni, Deodhari, Deosari, Deurwada, Deurwadi Lad, Dhamangaon Deo, Dhanki, Yavatmal, Dhanora, Dhanora, Dhanora, Dhanora Sachaldev, Dhansal, Dharna, Dhoki, Dhotra, Dighi, Digras, Dongargaon, Dongarkharda, Falegaon, Fetra, Fubgaon Kharbi, Fulsavangi, Gahuli, Ganori, Gaul, Khurd, Gharfal, Ghatanji, Ghodkhindi, Ghonsa, Ghoti, Gondegaon, Govt Poly, Yavatmal, Gujari, Gunj, Harshi, Harsul, Haru, Hatola, Hiwara, Hiwari, Hiwra Majra, Hudi, Issapur, Jalka, Jalka Road, Jamb, Jamb, Jamb Bazar, Jamni, Jamni Dhundi, Januna, Jatra Road, Wani, Jawala, Yavatmal, Jawalgaon, Jeoli, Jodmoha, Kalamb, Yavatmal, Kalgaon, Kali Daulat Khan, Kamathwada, Kandali, Kanha, Kapra Methad, Karajgaon, Karalgaon, Karanji, Kasola, Katri, Kawatha Bazar, Kayar, Kelapur, Khadakdari, Khairi, Khandala, Kharadgaon, Kharda, Kharus BK, Khedbid, Khopadi BK, Kinhi, Kolambi, Kolura, Kona, Kondri, Korta, Kotamba, Krishnapur, Kumbha, Kurai, Kurli, Kurli, Ladkhed, Lakh Khind, Lakh Rayachi, Lakhi Jehangir, Lasina, Lewa, Lohara, Lohara Izara, Lohi, Lonbehel, Loni, Loni, M I D C , Madkona, Madni, Mahagaon, Yavatmal, Mahagaon Kasba, Mahalungi, Mal Hivara, Malked Khurd, Malkhed BK, Mandar, Mandawa, Mang Kinhi, Mangala Devi, Mangurda, Manikdoh, Manikwada, Mardi, Maregaon Road, Marki, Marki, Marlegaon, Marsul, Matharjun, Mendholi, Metikheda, Mhaisdodka, Mhasola, Moha, Moha, Mohadi, Mohatoli, Mohda, Mohurli, Mokh, Mokhad, Mop Jawala, Morath, Mowada, Mozar, Mozar Izara, Mudana, Mukutban, Mulawa, Munzala, Murzadi, Naigaon, Naigaon, Nakapardi, Nandepera, Nanza, Narsala, Nawargaon, Ner Parsopant, Nerad Purad, Ningnoor, P N C Pusad, Pachkhed, Pahapal, Pahur, Dabha, Pahur Izara, Pahur Naskari, Palsi, Palsi, Palsoni, Pandharkawda, Pandhurna Khurd, Pardi, Sawlapur, Pardi Limbi, Pardi Naskari, Parwa, Parwa, Patan, Patan, Patanbori, Patapangra, Patharot, Pedhi, Pendhari, Pimpalapur, Pimpalgaon Raja, Pimpalkhuta, R, Pimpalkhuta, Pimpri, Pimpri Buti, Pimpri Kalga, Pisgaon, Pohandul, Pophali, Postal Colony, Yavatmal, Punwat, Pusad, Rajur, Rajurwadi, Ralegaon, Ramgaon Rameshwar, Rani Amravati, Rani Dhanora, Rasa, Rohda, Rui, Runza, Sagnapur, Saikhada BK, Saikheda, Sakhara Wai, Sakharadara, Sakhra Khurd, Sakhra Kolgaon, Sakur, Salod, Sandawa, Sarul, Satefal, Satpalli, Sawali Sadoba, Sawana, Sawangi Perka, Sawar, Sawargad, Sawargaon, Sawargaon Bunglow, Sawargaon Gore, Sawarkheda, Sayat Kharda, Shelodi, Sheloo, Shelu BK, Shembal Pimpri, Shendri, Bk B , Shibala, Shiroli, Shirpur, Shivani, Sindhola Mines, Singad, Sirasgaon Pandhari, Sonbardi, Sonegaon, Soot Girni, Sukli, Sukli Jehangir, Suknegaon, Sunna, Tadsawali, Talegaon, Talegaon Deshmukh, Talni, Tarnoli, Taroda, Tembhi, Tilakwadi, Yavatmal, Tiwari, Tiwasa, Tuptakli, Ukni, Umari Road, Umarkhed, Umarsara, Umri Kap, Undari, Uttarwadhona, Vasant Nagar, Velabai, Veni, Kotha, Veni Kasba, Vidul, Vithala, Wadad, Wadgaon Gadhwe, Wadgaon P S , Wadgaon Road, Wadhona Bazar, Wadki, Waghapur, Waghar Takli, Wai, Wani, Wanwarla, Wanzari, Wardh, Warud JR, Watfali, Watkhed, Wegaon, Yavatmal, Yavatmal Town, Yawali, Yelabara, Zadgaon, Zamkola, Zari Jamni, Zatala, Zillla Parishad, Yavatmal, Abhona, Adgaon, Aghar BK, Aghar KH, Ahergaon, Ajmer Saundana, Akhatwade, Aliyabad, Ambasan, Andarsul, Angangaon, Angulgaon, Ankai, Antapur, Arai, Askheda, Astane, Athambe, Aundane, Bahaduri, Bangaon, Bej, Bhalur, Bharam, Bhatgaon, Bhatgaon, Bhaur, Bhayale, Bhilwad, Bhutayane, Bokte, Bolthan, Bopegaon, Borale, Bordaivat, Brahmangaon, Bramanpade, Chandanpuri, Chandora, Chandwad, Chankapur, Chaugaon, Chaundana, Chikhalohal, Chinchave, Chinchave Galane, Chinchgavan, Chinchkhed, Chinchondi, Chirai, Dabhadi, Dahiwad, Dahiwal, Dalwat, Dangsaundane, Daraswadi, Daregaon, Daswel, Dawachwadi, Deogaon, Deoghat, Deopur, Desgaon, Deshmane, Desrane, Devargaon, Devla, Dhamode, Dhandri, Dhavaleshwar, Dheku KH, Dhodamba, Dhondgavan, Dhrangaon Veer, Dhulgaon, Dighwad, Dongargaon, Dongargaon, Dongrale, Dugaon, Dyane, Erandgaon, Erandgaon Jeur, G S S K , Gajarwadi, Galane, Ganore, Ganur, Girnadam, Girnare, Golwad, Gondegaon, Gosrane, Harnul, Hatti, Hiswal BK, Hiswal KH, Hiwarkheda, Jaidhar, Jaikheda, Jalgaon Galane, Jalgaon KH, Jalgaon Neur, Jalgaon Nimbayati, Jamdhari, Jategaon, Jawalkewani, Jopul, Jopul, Jorandigar, K K Nagar, Nashik, Kalamdari, Kalwadi, Kalwan, Kanadgaon, Kanashi, Kandane, Kanmandale, Kapshi, Karanjad, Karanjgavan, Karhe, Karsul, Kasari, Kashti, Katarni, Kathargaon, Kaulana, Kaulane, Kazisangvi, Kelzar, Kersane, Khadak Malegaon, Khadakjamb, Khadgaon, Khadki, Khakurdi, Khalap, Khamkheda, Khamtane, Kharde Wakhari, Khayde, Khedgaon, Nashik, Khedlezung, Khirdisathe, Khirmani, Khuntewadi, Kikwari KH, Kotamgaon, Kotbel, Kothare, Kothure, Kukane, Kumbharde, Kumbhardi, Kundalgaon, Kundane, Kundewadi, Kusmadi, Kusur, Lakhamapur, Lasalgaon, Lohoner, Lonwadi, Mahalpatane, Malegaon Camp, Malegaon City, Malegaon, Malegaon Karyat, Malegaon Nayapura Ward, Malgaon, Malwadi, Mamdapur, Mandwad, Mangrul, Manmad, Manmad Shiwaji Chouk, Manur, Market Yard Malegaon, Matane, Materewadi, Matulthan, Mehune, Meshi, Mohegaon, Mokbhangi, Morenagar, Mukhed, Mukhed, Mulane, Mulher, Mungse, Munjwad, Nagapur, Nagarsul, Nagda, Naitale, Nampur, Nandgaon, Nandgaon, Nandgaon, Nandur Madhmeshwar, Nandurdi, Nanduri, Narul, Naydongri, Neminagar, Nimbayati, Nimgaon Madh, Nimgaon, Nimon, Niphad, Nitane, Nivane, Otur, Ozar, Pachore BK, Pachorewani, Padalde, Palasdare, Pale BK, Palkhed, Pardhadi, Pate, Patne, Patoda, Pilkos, Pimpalgaon Baswant, Pimpalgaon D, Pimpalgaon Jalal, Pimpalgaon Wakhari, Pimpalkotha, Pimpalnare, Pimparkhed, Pimplad, Pimple KH, Pohane, Pokhari, Puri, Raipur, Rajapur, Rajapur, Rajmane, Rameshwar, Ranwad, Ravalgaon, Ravalji, Redgaon BK, Redgaon KH, Rishabhgiri, Ronzane, Rui, Sakora, Sakore, Sakorewani, Sakuri, Salher, Sangmeshwar Malegaon, Sapthshringigarh, Sarde, Sarolethadi, Satana Market, Satana, Saundana, Savargaon, Savargaon, Savkarwadi, Savki Lohoner, Saygaon, Sayne BK, Shelu, Shemli, Sherul, Shindwad, Shingve, Shirasgaon Lauki, Shirasmani, Shirpurwade, Shirsondi, Shirwade, Shivare, Sogras, Sompur, Somthandesh, Sonaj, Sonjamb, Soygaon, Suregaon Rasta, Taharabad, Takali, Takali KH, Talegaon Rui, Talwade, Talwade, Talwadedigar, Tandulwadi, Tehare, Tembhe, Thangaon, Thengoda, Tilwan, Tingri, Tisgaon, Tisgaon, Tokade, Ugaon, Umbarkhed, Umrana, Undirwadi, Uswad, Utrane, Vadali Bhoi, Vadali BK, Vadbare, Vadel, Vadgaon, Vadgaon Pangu, Vadner Bhairav, Vadner Malegaon, Vahegaon Sal, Vajirkheda, Valwade, Vanasgaon, Vanjarwadi, Vanoli, Varkheda, Vasol, Vaygaon, Vehelgaon, Vikharni, Vinchur, Virane, Virgaon, Visapur, Vitave, Vithewadi, Waghamba, Wajgaon, Wakad, Wakhari, Wakhari, Warwandi, Yeola Kutcheri Road, Yeola, Yesgaon, Zadi, Zodga, Adgaon, Agaskhind, Ahiwantwadi, Akrale, Alangun, Alwand, Amba, Peint, Amba, Ambad A S , Ambegaon, Ambode, Amboli, Ambupada, Amlon, Anjneri, Asarbari, Ashewadi, Ashok Nagar, Nashik, Aswali Harsh, Aswali R S, Awankhed, B S Nagar, Baragaonpimpri, Barhe, Barnes High School, Belatgavhan, Belgaon Tarhale, Berwal, Bhagur, Bhanwad, Bharvir BK, Bhatode, Bhavali Khurd, Bhendali, Bhojapur, Bhonsala Military School, Bhormal, Bhuvan, Borgaon, Borwat, Boys Town, Brahmanwade, Brahmanwade, Bubli, Budhwar Peth, Chachadgaon, Chandori, Chas, Chatori, Chausale, Chinchohol, Chincholi, Chinchwade, Chitegaon, Cidco Colony, Nashik, Dahiwadi, Dalpatpur, Dapur, Dari, Darnasangvi, Datli, Deodongra, Devargaon, Devgaon, Devlali Air Force, Devlali Bazar, Devlali, Devpur, Devsane, Devthan, Dhakambe, Dhamangaon, Dhondbhar, Dhondmal, Dindori, Nashik, Dixi, Dodi, Dondegaon, Dubera, Dugaon, Dwarka Corner, Gandhi Nagar, Nashik, Gandole, Gangamhalungi, Gangapur, Ghoti, Girnara, Gole Colony, Gonde, Gonde, Gondedumala, Gulvanch, H P T College, Harsul, Haste, Haste, Hatgad, Hatrundi, Peint, Hatrundi, Surgana, Hatti, I A Musalgaon Sinnar, Idgaon Devlali, Igatpuri, Ind Est Malegaon Sinnar, India Security Press, Indira Nagar, Nashik, Indore, Industrial Estate, Nashik, Jahule, Jaigaon, Jakhori, Jalkhed, Jambutke, Janori, Jategaon BK, Jaulke, Jeevan Prakash, Jogalthembi, Kalaram Mandir, Kalmuste, Kaluste, Kankuri, Karanjali, Karanjaon, Karanjwan, Kathipada, Kaudasar, Kavnai, Kazimale, Khadak Sukena, Khadked, Khairgaon, Khambala Anjeri, Khambale, Kharshet, Kharwal, Khatwad, Khed, Khedle, Kherwadi R S, Khirad, Khopadi BK, Kirtangali BO, Kochargaon, Kohor, Kokangaon, Konambe, Kopurli, Korahte, Korapgaon, Koshimbe, Kotamgaon, Kukudane, Kulwandi, Kumbhale, Lahavit, Lakhalgaon, Lakhmapur, Lonarwadi, Madhmeshwar, Madkijamb, Madsangvi, Mahaje, Mahiravani, Makhmalabad, Maledumala, Malegaon, Peint, Malegaon, Manegaon, Mangone, Mani, Mankhed, Marhal BK, Matori, Mavdi, Meri Colony, Mhalsakore, Mhasgan, Mhasrul, Mithsagare, Mohadi, Mohpada, MUHS, Mukane, Mundhegaon, Mungsara, Murambi, Musalgaon, Nachlondi, Naigaon, Nalwadi, Nalwadpada, Nanashi, Nandgaon, Nandurshingote, Nanegaon, Nashik City, Nashik, Nashik Main Road, Nashik Road Camp, Nashik Road, Nehru Nagar, Nashik, Nigdol, Nilwandi, Nimgaon, Sinnar, Nirgude, Nirhale, Odha, Ojhar A F Stn , Ojhar, Ojhar T S , Ojharkhed, Ojharkhed, Oney, Pade, Pahuchibari, Palasvihir, Palkhed Bandhara, Palsan, Palse, Panchale, Panchvati, Pandane, Pandurli, Pangarne, Pangri BK, Paregaon, Paste, Pathardi, Pathare, Patole, Peint, Pimpale, Pimpalgaon Bahula, Pimpalgaon Dukra, Pimpalgaon Garudeshwar, Pimpalgaon Khamb, Pimpalgaon Nipani, Pimpalnare, Pimparkhed, Pimplad, Pimplus, Pimpri achala, Pimpri, Pimpri sayyed, Police Training School, Puria Park, Rakshasbhuvan, Rasegaon, Rohile, Sakur, Salbhoye, Samundi, Sanjegaon, Sapte, Sarad, Satkhamb, Satpur Township, Sawarkar Nagar, Sayale, Saykheda, Shaha, Shenit, Shevgedang, Shinde, Shingwe, Shirasgaon, Peint, Shirasgaon, Shivde, Shivre, Shribhuvan, Sinnar, Somthane, Sonambe, Sukena, Surgana, Surgane, Peint, Taked BK, Talegaon, Igatpuri, Talegaon, Trimbak, Talegaon Anjneri, Talegaon, Dindori, Tamaswadi, Thanapada, Peint, Thangaon, Thangaon, Titwe, Torangan, TP Station Eklahre, Trimbak, Trimbak Vidya Mandir, Trimurti Chowk, Tringalwadi, Udhoji Maratha Boarding, Umbarpada, Umbarthan, Umrala, Upnagar, Usthale, Vadangli, Vadgaon Pingala, Vadner Dumala, Vadzire, Vaitarna Nagar, Vani Khurd, Vani, Velunje, Vilholi, Vilwandi, Vinchuri dalvi, Wadala, Wadali Nazik, Wadgaon, Wadivarhe, Waghare, Waghdad Dam, Waghera, Waki, Walkhed, Ware, Wasali, Wavi Harsh, Wavi, Ycm Open Univesity, Zarwad, Adai, Airoli, Airoli, Ajivali, Ambivali, Apta, Awre, Barapada, Beed Budruk, Belapur Node III, Belapur Node V, Bhivpuri Camp, Bokadvira, Borgaon, Chanje, Chawk, Chikhale, Chinchwali, Chirner, Dahivali T Need, Dahivali T Varedi, Darave, Devichapada, Dighode, Donwat, Gaulwadi, Gaurkamath, GAVHAN, Ghansoli, Gulsunde, Gundge, Humgaon, Jagdish Nagar, Jambrung, Jasai, Jaskhar, Jci Kamothe, Jnpt, Jui, K U Bazar, Kadav, Kalamb, Kalamboli Node, KAMOTHE, Karanja, Karjat, Raigarh, MH, Kashele, Kegaon, Kelevane, Khalapur, Khambewadi, Khanda Colony, Khandas, Kharghar, Khopoli Power House, Khopoli, Kirwali, Kondivade, Konkan Bhavan, Kopar Khairne, Koproli, Koshane, Koynavale, Kundevahal, Lodhivali, Mandavane, Mangaon T Varedi, Manivali, Matheran, Mazgaon, Millenium Business Park, Mohopada, Mora, Morbe, N S Karanja, Nandgaon, Nasarapur, Navde, Navghar, Neral, Nere, Nerul Node II, Nerul Node III, Nerul Sec 48, Nhava, Ongc Complex, panvel, ONGC dronagiri, Padghe, Palasdari, Palaspe, Panvel City, Panvel, PARGAON, Pashane, Patalganga, Pathraj, Poshir, Poyanje, Rasayani, Sai, Sajgaon, Salokh T Need, Sanpada, Savroli, Shelu, Sheva, Shilphata, Shirdhon, Somatane, Sugawe, Taloja A V , Taloja, Tiware, Tondra, Turbhe Market, Turbhe, Ulwa, Uran, VAHAL, Vaje, Vakas, Vasheni, Vashi, Thane, Vashi Sec 26, Vashi VII, Vashivali, Vavoshi, Vengaon, Wavandhal, Wavarle, Wawanje, Abitghar, Abje, Acchad, Agarwadi, Agashi, Agawan, Akkarpatti, Alonde, Arnala, Asangaon, Ase, Ashagad, Audhani, Badapokharan, Baliwali, Bandhan, Bapugaon, Bassein Road, Bassein, Bategaon, Bavada, Beriste, Bhatane, Bhayander East, Bhayander West, Bhopoli, Bhuigaon, Boisar, Bolinj, Bordi, Borigaon, Borsheti, Chandansar, Chandigaon, Charoti, Chas, Chikhal Dongre, Chikhale, Chinchani, Dabhadi, Dabheri, Dadade, Dahanu Road, Dahanu, Dahanu TPS, Dahe, Dahisar T V , Dahisar Tarapur, Dahisar tymanor, Dandi, Dapoli, Datiware, Dehere, Dengachimet, Dhaniwari, Dhanoshi, Dhekale, Dhundalwadi, Dolhara, Dongari, Dongri, Durves, Edwan, Ganeshpuri, Ganjad, Gargoan, Gass, Ghiwali, Ghodbander, Gholvad, Girgaon, Girij, Gokhiware, Gomghar, Gorhe, Govade, Gowane, Hamarapur, Holi Bazar, Jamsar, Jamshet, Jawhar, Juchandra, Kainad, Kalamb, Kalambe, Kaman, Kanchad, Karaj Gaon, Karegaon, Karhe, Kasa Budruk, Kasa, Kashi, Katale, Kaular Budruk, Kelthan, Kelwa mahim, Kelwa Road, Kelwa, Thane, Kev, Khaire Ambiwali, Khaniwade, Khaniwali, Kharekuran, Khariwali, Khoch, Khodale, Khoste, Khuded, Kochai, Kogade, Kondhan, Kone, Kophrad, Kosbad hill, Kudan, Kumbhawali, Kurze, Kurze, Mahagaon, Mala, Malwada, Mandvi, Maniwali, Manor, Maswan, Medhi, Mira Road, Mira, Modgaon, Moj, Mokhada, Morhanda, Mulgaon, Murbe, Naigaon, Nala, Nallosapare E, Nandgaon, Nandgaon Tarapur, Nandore, Narpad, Navapur, Navghar, Nihe, Nikane, Nirmal, Thane, Nyhale Budruk, Nyhale Khurdh, Ondhe, Palghar, Papdi, Parali, Pargaon, Parnali, Parol, Pathardi, Pelhar, Pik, Pimpalshet, Poshera, Posheri, Rai, Rajawali, Rankol, Ranshet, Saiwan, Saiwan, Sakhare, Sakharshet, Saloli, Salwad, Sarawali, Sasun Navghar, Satiwali, Satpati, Sawata, Shigaon, Shirgaon, Shiroshi, Somta, Sonale, Sopara, Sukhasale, Talasari, Talawada, Tanashi, Tandulwadi, Tarapur App, Tarapur, Thane, Tarapur Ti, Tawa, Tembhikhodave, Tembhode, Tilher, Tuse, Udhale, Udhave, Umbarpada, Umela, Umrale, Umroli, Uplat, Urse, Usarani, Utawali, Uttan, Vadhavan, Vajreshwari, Valiv, Valvande, Vangaon, Varale, Varor, Vasai East IE, Vasai Road E, Vashala, Vatar, Vedhe, Vengani, Veti, Veur, Vevji, Vikramgad, Vilkos, Virar East, Virar, Virathan Budruk, Wada, Waki, Waki, Zap, Zari, Achloli BO, Adavale Budruk BO, Adgaon BO, Adhi BO, Agardanda BO, Agrav BO, Ainghar BO, Akshi BO, Alibag HO, Ambavade BO, Ambeghar BO, Ambet SO, Ambivali BO, Amtem BO, Aravi BO, Ashtami BO, Atone BO, Awas BO, Bagmandla SO, Balavali BO, Bamangaon BO, Bamnoli BO, Baple BO, Barasgaon BO, Bense BO, Bhairav BO, Bhale BO, Bhalgaon BO, Bhanang BO, Bharadkhol BO, Bharje BO, Bhave BO, Bhira SO RaigarhMH, Bhoste BO, Birwadi SO, Borghar BO, Borghar Haveli BO, Borlimandla BO, Borlipanchatan SO, Borwadi BO, Chambhargani BO, Chandgaon BO, Chandhave Budruk BO, Chandore BO, Chanera BO, Chaul SO, Chikhlap BO, Chikhlap BO, Chimbhave SO, Chinchoti BO, Chinchwali Tarfe Atone BO, Chive BO, Chochinde BO, Chondhi BO, Chordhe BO, Dabhol BO, Dadar BO, Dahigaon BO, Dahivad BO, Dahivali BO, Dandguri BO, Dapoli BO, Dasgaon SO, Degaon BO, Deopur BO, Devali BO, Devkanhe BO, Devla BO, Dhamandevi BO, Dhamane BO, Dhamansai BO, Dharavali BO, Dhokawade BO, Dighi SO, Diveagar SO, Divil BO, Dolvi BO, Gadab BO, Gagode Budruk BO, Galsure BO, Ghosale BO, Ghotawade BO, Golegani BO, Gondale BO, Gondghar BO, Goregaon SO RaigarhMH, Govele BO, Hamrapur BO, Hareshwar BO, Harkol BO, Hashiware BO, Hatond BO, Hodgaon BO, Jambhulpada BO, Jamgaon BO, Janjira Murud SO, Jasawali BO, Jite BO, Jite BO, Jite BO, Johe BO, Jui Budruk BO, Kalavali BO, Kamarle BO, Kamarli BO, Kamble Tarfe Birwadi BO, Kamble Tarfe Mahad BO, Kandale BO, Kapade Budruk BO, Karanjadi BO, Kashid BO, Kasu BO, Kavale BO, Kavil Vahal BO, Kelte BO, Kemburli BO, Khaire Khurd BO, Khamb BO, Khamgaon BO, Khandale BO, Khandpoli BO, Kharavali BO, Khardi BO, Khargaon BO, Kharpale BO, Kharsai BO, Khavali BO, Kihim BO, Kinjaloli Budruk BO, Kokban BO, Kolad SO, Kolmandla BO, Kolose BO, Kolwat BO, Kondhavi BO, Konzar BO, Koproli BO, Korlai BO, Koste Khurd BO, Kotheri BO, Kotwal Budruk BO, Kudgaon BO, Kudli BO, Kumbheshivthar BO, Kurdus BO, Kurle BO, Kurul BO, Kurul RCF Colony SO, Kusgaon BO, Kusumbale BO, Lipniwave BO, Lohare BO, Lonere BO, Lonshi BO, Mahad SO, Mahagaon BO, Mahagaon BO, Mahal Mirya Dongar BO, Mahargul BO, Majgaon BO, Majgaon Tamhane BO, Malyan BO, Mandad BO, Mandle BO, Mangaon Budruk BO, Mangaon SO RaigarhMH, Mangarul BO, Mangrun BO, Manjaravane BO, Mapgaon BO, Mazeri BO, Medha BO, Mendadi BO, Mhasla SO, Midc Mahad SO, Mohot BO, Morba SO, Mumurshi BO, Muthavali Tarfe Tala BO, Nadsur BO, Nagaon BO, Nagaon BO, Nagaon SO, Nagloli BO, Nagothane SO, Nandgaon BO, Nandgaon BO, Nandvi BO, Narangi BO, Narvan BO, Nate SO, Natondi BO, Navedar Navgaon BO, Navghar BO, Navipeth Mahad SO, Nhave BO, Nigade BO, Nizampur SO RaigarhMH, Ombali BO, Pabal BO, Pabhare BO, Pachad BO, Pachhapur BO, Padvi BO, Paithan BO, Palas BO, Palasgaon Khurd BO, Palchil BO, Pali SO RaigarhMH, Pangari BO, Pangloli BO, Panhalghar BO, Parali BO, Patnus BO, PCTS Nagothane SO, Pen SO, Pen Tarfe Tale BO, Pigonde BO, Pingalsai BO, Pipenagar SO, Pitsai BO, Poladpur SO, Poynad SO, Pugaon BO, Purar BO, Rahatad BO, Rajewadi BO, Rajpuri BO, Ramraj BO, Ranawali BO, Ransai BO, Ratwad BO, Ravalje BO, Ravdhal BO, Rave BO, RCF Thal SO, Revdanda SO, Revtale BO, Roha AV SO, Roha SO, Sadavali BO, Sai SO, Saigaon BO, Sakhar BO, Salvadnaka Mahad No Dly SO, Salvinde BO, Sanderi BO, Sandoshi BO, Sanegaon BO, Saral BO, Sarsoli BO, Sarve BO, Sasawane BO, Sav BO, Savli BO, Savrat BO, Sawad BO, Sawarsai BO, Shahabaj BO, Shahapur BO, Shedsai BO, Shekhadi BO, Shenwai BO, Shighare BO, Shirawali BO, Shirki BO, Shriwardhan SO, Siddheshwar BO, Sonkhar BO, Sudkoli BO, Tala SO RaigarhMH, Talashet SO, Talavade BO, Talawali Terfe Diwali BO, Talegaon BO, Talegaon Tarfe Goregaon BO, Taliye BO, Taloshi BO, Tambadi BO, Tamhane BO, Tarankhop BO, Tempale BO, Tetghar BO, Thal SO RaigarhMH, Tiware BO, Tokarde BO, TolBudruk BO, Turbhe Khurd BO, Underi BO, Unegaon BO, Upper Tudil SO, Usar BO, Usar Khurd BO, Usarghar BO, Usroli BO, Vadghar BO, Vadhav BO, Vadkhal BO, Vadshetvave BO, Vahoor BO, Varandh SO, Varandoli BO, Varsai BO, Varse BO, Varsoli BO, Varvatane BO, Veer BO, Velas BO, Veshvi BO, Vihoor BO, Vikram Baug BO, Vile BO, Vinhere SO, Virjoli BO, Wadvali BO, Wadwali BO, Wagheri BO, Wagholi BO, Wakan BO, Wakanfata BO, Waki Budruk BO, Walan Budruk BO, Walan Khurd BO, Walang BO, Wali BO, Walke BO, Walwati SO, Washi BO, Wavediwali BO, Wighawali BO, Zirad BO, Additional Ambernath, Aghai, Alyani, Amane, Ambarje, Ambernath, Ambernath South, Andad, Angaon, Anjur, Apna Bazar, Asangaon, Atali, Atgaon, Aware, Badlapur E D , Balegaon, Balkum, Bhaji Market, Bhatsanagar, Bhiwandi, Birwadi, Bus Terminus, Chamble, Chande, Chargaon, Chimbipada, Chinchwali, Chitalsar Manpada, Chondhe Colony, Dabhad, Dahisar, Dalkhan, Dandekarwadi, Dawale, Dhasai, Dhasai, Dighashi, Diwa, Dolkhamb, Dombivali I A , Dombivali, Dugad, Dunge, Dwarli, Ganeshwadi, Thane, Gegaon, Ghodbunder Road, Gokhale Road, Thane, Gunde, Jambhul, Jekegram, Kalamgaon, Kalher, Kalwa, Kalyan City, Kalyan D C , Kalyan Rs, Kansai, Kasara, Thane, Kasarvadavali, Kasegaon, Katemanivali, Kausa, Khadavali, Kharade, Kharbav, Khardi, Kharid, Kharivali, Khoni, Khupri, Khutal Baragaon, Khutghar, Kinholi, Kishore, Kolthan, Kon, Kondhale, Kopri Colony, Kudus, Kulgaon, Kunde, Lenad Khurd, Lonad, Mahapoli, Majgaon, Mal, Malegaon, Mamnoli, Manda, Mangrul, Manivali, Manjarli, Manpada, Met, Mhasa, Milhe, Mohone, Mokhawane, Moroshi, Mugaon, Mumbra, Murbad, Nadgaon, Narivali, Naupada, Thane, Nehroli, Netaji Bazar, Nilje, O E Ambernath, Pachhapur, Padgha, Padle, Palsai, Palu, Patgaon, Paye, Phalegaon, Pimpaloli, Pimplas, Pisavli, Piwali, Ramnagar, Thane, Rayate, Rehnal, Sakadbav, Sakurli, Sandozbaugh, Saralambe, Saralgaon, Saravali, Sasne, Sawaroli, Sayale, Shahad, Shahapur, Thane, Shantinagar E D , Shastrinagar, Thane, Shelar, Shenwa, Shere, Shirgaon, Shirol, Shiroshi, Shivale, Shrirangnagar, Sogaon, Station Road Unr 3, Subhash Road, Thane, Talegaon, Tansa, Tapasenagar, Tembhurli, Thakurli, Thane Bazar, Thane East, Thane, Thane R S , Thune, Tilaknagar, Thane, Titwala, Tokawade, Tulai, Uchat, Ulhasnagar 1, Ulhasnagar 2, Ulhasnagar 4, Ulhasnagar 5, Vadavali, Vadpe, Vaholi, Vaishakhare, Vaitarna, Vangani, Varap, Vashala, Vashind E D , Vehele, Vehloli, Vehloli K, Vidyashram, Vihigaon, Vishnunagar, Wadi, Wagle I E , Waklan, Yeranjad, Adhalgaon, Agadgaon, Ahmednagar Camp, Ahmednagar City, Ahmednagar, Ahmednagar R S , Ajnuj, Akhatwade, Akhegaon Titarfa, Akola, Akolner, Alhanwadi, Alkuti, Alsunde, Amarapur, Ambi Jalgaon, Anandibazar, Apdhup, Arangaon, Arangaon Dumala, Astagaon, Avane BK, Babhulgaon Khalsa, Babhurdi, Babulwade, Baburdi Ghumat, Bahirobawadi, Balamtakali, Baradgaon Sudrik, Bavi, Belwandi S F , Belwandi, Benwadi, Bhalgaon, BHALWANI BO, Bhambora, Bhandgaon, Bhangaon, Bhatkudgaon, Bhatodi, Bhavinimgaon, Bhingar, Bhingar Wes, Bhorwadi, Bhoyare Gangarda, Bhoyare Pathar, Bhutetakali, Bitkewadi, Bodhegaon, Brahmni, Burhan Nagar, Chamburdi, Chanda, Chande BK, Chandgaon, Chapadgaon, Chapadgaon, Chas, Chichondi Patil, Chichondi Shiral, Chichpur Pangul, Chikhali, Chilwadi, Chimbhale, Chincholi, Chincholi Kaldat, Chinchpur Ijde, CHOBHEWADI, Chombhut, Chondi, Dahigaon, Daithane Gunjal, Darewadi, Darodi, Dehere, Deodaithan, Deotakli, Deulgaon, Deulgaon Sidhhi, Devi Bhoyare, Devrai, Dhamori, Dhavalgaon, Dhawalpuri, Dhondpargaon, Dhorjalgaon, Dhorje, Dhotre BK, Dighi, Dighol, Diksal, Durgaon, Erandoli, Fakrabad, Gaikwad Jalgaon, Ganjibhoyare, Gargundi, Ghargaon, Ghatshiras, Ghodegaon, Ghodegaon, Ahmed Nagar, Ghogargaon, Ghospuri, Ghotan, Ghotvi, Golegaon, Goregaon, Gundegaon, Gunore, Gunwadi, Guravpimpri, Halgaon, Hanga, Hangewadi, Hasnapur, Hatgaon, Hingangaon, Hiradgaon, Hivare Zare, Hiware Korda, Jalalpur, Jamgaon, Jamkhed, Jatdeola, Jategaon, Jategaon, Javala, Jawala, Jawkhede Khalsa, Jeur, Ahmed Nagar, Joharapur, Jssk, Kalas, Kamargaon, Kambi, Kangoni, Kanhur, Kapurwadi, Karajgaon, Karandi, Karanji, Karjat, Ahmed Nagar, Karjule Hariya, Karjune Khare, Kasar Pimpalgaon, Kashti, Katrad, Kaudgaon, Kaudgaon, Kaundane, Kauthe, Kauthe, Kendal BK, Khadakwadi, Khadamba, Khampimpri, Khanapur BO, Khandala, Khandgaon Lohsar, Khandvi, Kharadgaon, Kharda, Kharwandi, Kharwandi Kasar, Khedle Permananda, Khednagar, Khospuri, Kinhi, Kokangaon, Kolgaon, Kolhar, Kombli, Koradgaon, Koregoan, Kotul, Kuldharan, Kusadgaon, Ladjalgaon, Limpangaon, Lohgaon, Loni Haveli, Loni Masadpur, Loni Mavala, Loni Vyanknath, M G Udyan, Madhe Wadgaon, Mahalaxmi Hiware, Mahijalgaon, Majle Chincholi, Maka, Malangi, Malegaon, Mali Chinchore, Malkup, Mandavgan, Mandve, Manikdaundi, Math Pimpari, Mehekari, Meherabad, Mhasane, Mhase, MIDC, ANR, Midsangavi, Mirajgaon, MIRC, Miri, Moha, Mohoj BK, Mohojdeoda, Mohote, Mungi, Munguswade, Nagardeola, Naigaon, Nanaj, Ahmed Nagar, Nandur Nimba Daitya, Nandur Pathar, Narayan Doho, Narayan Gavan, Nepti, Nibavi, Nighoj, Nimbe Nandur, Nimblak, Nimbodi, Nimbodi, Nimgaon Daku, Nimgaon Gangarda, Nimgaon Khalu, Nimgaon Wagha, Nipani Jalgaon, Nivdunga, Padali Ale, Padali, Padali Darya, Padali Ranjangaon, Pagori Pimpalgaon, Palashi, Palaspur, Palve BK, Panoli, Pargaon Sudrik, Parner, Parner SSK, Pategaon, Patewadi, Pathardi, Patoda, Pedgaon, Pimpalgaon Kauda, Pimpalgaon Malvi, Pimpalgaon Pisa, Pimpalgaon Rotha, Pimpalgaon Ujjani, Pimpalgaontappa, Pimpalner, Pimparkhed, Pimpri Kolandar, Pimprijalsen, Pisorekhand, Pokhari Kanher, Punewadi, Rajapur, Rajuri, Rakshi, Ralegan, Ralegan Siddhi, Ralegan Therpal, Ranegaon, Ranjangaon, Ranjangaondevi, Rashin, Rastapur, Rehekuri, Rui Chhatrapati, Ruichattisi, Sade, Sakat, Sakegaon, Samangaon, Samsud Erandgaon, Sandve, Sarjepura, Sarola Kasar, Sarolabadhi, Sarolasomvanshi, Savargaon, Savedi Road, Shahar Takali, Shani Shinganapur, Shedgaon, Shekte, Shendi, Shevgaon, Shinde, Shingave Keshav, Shingave Naik, Shingori, Shiradhon, Shiral, Shirapur, Shrigonda, Shrigonda SSK, Singave Tukai, Sonai, Ahmed Nagar, Sonegaon, Sultanpur BK, Sultanpur KHD, Supa, Ahmed Nagar, Suregaon, Susare, Tajnapur, Takali Dhokeshwar, Takali Kadewalit, Takali Kazi, Takali Khandeshwari, Takali Khatgaon, Takali Lonar, Takali Manur, Tamaswadi, Tandali Dumala, Telanghashi, Thakur Pimpalgaon, Thergaon, Tisgaon, Tondoli, Ukkadgaon, Ukkhalgaon, Umbra, Vadalamission, Vadegavan, Vadgaon Gupta, Vadgaon Tandali, Vadner BK, Vadner Haveli, Vadule BK, Vadzire, Vagholi, Vaghunde KH, Vahannagar, Vaiju Babhulgaon, Valvane, Vambori, Vangdari, Vankute, Varur BK, Vasunde, Vilad, Visapur, Ahmed Nagar, Vridheshwar SSK, Wadali, Wadgaon, Walki, Watephal, Yelapane, Yeli, Achakdani, Adhegaon, Adhiv BO, Ajnale, Akluj, Akola Wasud, Akole, KH, Akulgaon, Akumbhe, Alegaon, Ambe, Anawali, Andhalgaon, Anjandoh, Anjangaon Umate, Arali, Aran, Awati, Babhulgaon, Bagechiwadi, Balwadi, Bardi, Barloni, Bavi, Bembale, Bhalvani, Bhalvani, Bhalwani, Bhamburdi, Bhandishegaon, Bhimanagar, Bhogewadi, Bhosa, K, Bhosa, M, Bhosare, Bhutashte, Bitergaon, Wangi , Bitergaon, Bohali, Bondle, Borale, Borgaon, Kml, Borgaon, Bramhapuri, Chakore, Chale, Chandapuri, Chikhalthan, Chikmahud, Chincholi, Chincholi, Chinke, Chopadi, Dahigaon, Karmala , Dahigaon, Dahiwali, Darfal, Degaon, PPR, Devlali, Dharmapuri, Dhavlas, Dhyati, E, Donaj, Dongargaon, Dongargaon, Ekhatpur, Ekshiv, Gadegaon, Gaigavan, Gardi, Gaudwadi, Gherdi, Ghoti, Ghoti, Girvi, Gopalpur, Gulsade, Gunjegaon, Gursale, Gursale, Hangirge, Hatid, Hole, Huljanti, Hunnur, Islampur, Jainwadi, Jambhood, Jamgaon, Jategaon, Jawala, Solapur, Jeur, Solapur, Jinti, Junoni, Kadlas, Kamalapur, Kandar, Kanhapuri, Karanje, Karkam, Karmala, Karmala Town, Karmala, Kasegaon, Katphal, Kavhe, Kedgaon, Kem, Kettur II, Khandali, Khardi, Khavaspur, Khudus, Kole, Solapur, Kolegaon, E, Kolegaon, Kondbhav, Kondhej, Korti, Korti, Kugaon, Kumbhargaon, Kumbhej, Kurbavi, Kurdu, Kurduvadi, Laul, Lavang, Laxmi dahiwadi, Lendave Chinchali, Lonand, Lonvire, Lotewadi, Madha, Mahadawar, Pandharpur, Mahalung, Mahatpur, Mahim, Mahisgaon, Mahud, Malewadi, Malinagar, Malkhambi, Maloli, Malsiras, Mandave, Mandki, Mangalvedha, Mangalvedha Town, Mangi, Manishanagar, Pandharpur, Manjari, Marapur, Marwade, Mauje Ujani, Medad, Medshingi, Mendhapur, Methawade, Modnimb, Morochi, Mundhewadi, Nandeshwar, Nandur, Natepute, Navi Peth, Pandharpur, Nazara, Nerle, Nevare, Nimbhore, Nimboni, Nimgaon, Nimgaon T, Niranarshingpur, Ozewadi, Pachegaon, BK, Pachegaon, Padasali, Palashi, Palasmandal, Pande, Pandharechiwadi, Pandharpur, Paniv, Pare, Parite, Patkhal, Patwardhan Kuroli, Phadtari, Phalwani, Phisare, Phondshiras, Phulchincholi, Piliv, Pimpalkhunte, Pimpelner, Pimpri, Pothare, Puluj, Purandawade, Rajuri, Rajuri, Ranjani, Raogaon, Redde, Ridhore, Ropla, Kvd , Rople BK, Sadashivenagar, Sade, Salase, Salgar BK, Sangavi, BK, Sangewadi, Sangola, Sangola Town, Sangola, Sangramnagar BO, Sapatane, Bhose , Sapatane T, Sarkoli, Save, Sawadi, Shelgaon Kekan, Shelve, Shetphal, Jeur , Shetphal, Shevate, Shindewadi, Shirbhavi, Shirnandgi, Shivane, Shivangi, Shreepur, Siddhapur, Siddhewadi, Sogaon, Sonand, Sonka, Suste, Tadvale, Takli Rasin, Talsangi, Tambave, Tandulwadi, Tandulwadi, Tarangphal, Tarapur, Tawashi, Tembhurni, Solapur, Tulshi, Tungat, Udanwadi, Ughadewadi, Umbare, Karkam , Umrad, Undargaon, Upalwate, Upari, Uplai Budruk, Uplai Khurd, Vadshinge, Varkute, Veet, Velapur, Vihal, Wadhegaon, Wadshivane, Wagholi, E, Wakhari, Waki, Waki, Sangola, Wangi IIi, Wangi i, Warwade, Washimbe, Watambre, Yelmarmangewadi, Yeshwantnagar, Solapur, Zare, 9 DRD, Airport, Pune, Akurdi, Ammunition Factory Khadki, Aundh Camp, Bhosari I E , Bhosarigoan, Bibvewadi, C D A, O, C M E, Chikhali, Chinchwad East, Chinchwadgaon, Dapodi Bazar, Dapodi, Dhanori, Dighi Camp, Dr B A Chowk, Dunkirk lines, East Khadki, Ghorpuri Bazar, Gondhale Nagar, H E Factory, Hadapsar, Hadpsar I E , Iaf Station, Indrayaninagar, Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Jambe, Kalewadi, Kasarwadi, Khadki Bazar, Khadki, Kondhwa BK, Kondhwa KH, Kondhwa Lh, Lohogaon, M Phulenagar, Maan, Market Yard, Pune, Marunji, Masulkar Colony, Mohamadwadi, Mundhva AV, Mundhva, N I B M, N W College, Nehrunagar, Pune, P C N T , Pimple Gurav, Pimpri Colony, Pimpri P F, Pimpri Waghire, Punawale, Pune Cantt East, Pune, Pune New Bazar, Rupeenagar, Sachapir Street, Salisbury Park, Sangavi, Sasanenagar, Srpf, T V Nagar, Talawade, Tathawade, Thergaon, Vadgaon Sheri, Vadgaon Shinde, Vidyanagar, Pune, Viman nagar, Vishrantwadi, Wakad, Wanowarie, Yamunanagar, Yerwada, Yerwada T S , A R Shala, Ambegaon BK, Anandnagar, Pune, Armament, Aundh, Pune, Aundh T S , Bajirao Road, Baner, Baner Road, Bavdhan, Bhavani Peth, Bhusari Colony, Botanical Garden, Pune, Congress House Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Dhankawadi, Ex Serviceman Colony, Film Institute, Ganeshkhind, Ghorpade Peth, Govt Polytechnic, Guruwar Peth, Karvenagar, Kasba Peth, Katraj, Khadakwasla R S , Kothrud, Kudje, Lokmanyanagar, Mandvi BK, Mangalwar Peth, Pune, Model Colony, N C L Pune, N D A Khadakwasla, N I A , Nana Peth, Nanded, Pune, Narayan Peth, Navsahyadri, Parvati Gaon, Parvati, Pune City, Range Hills, Rashtra Bhasha Bhavan, Rasta Peth, Raviwar Peth, S P College, S S C Exam Board, Sadashiv Peth, Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Shivaji Housing Society, Shivajinagar, Pune, Shivane, Shukrawar Peth, Pune, Sinhgad Technical Education Society, Sus, Swargate Chowk, Swargate, Uttamnagar, Vadgaon Budruk, Warje, Adhale BK, Adivare, Agoti, Ala, Pune, Alande, Alandi Chorachi, Alandi Devachi, Alegaon, Alegaon, Alephata, Ambade, Ambale, Ambarvet, Ambavade, Ambavane, Ambavane, Ambeghar, Ambethan, Ambi, Amble, Amboli, Amboli, Amdabad, Amondi, Anantnagar Nigade, Andgaon, Andhalgaon, Ane, Anjanavale, Anthurne, Antroli, Aptale, Apti, Arvi, Pune, Arvi, Haveli, Asane, Ashtapur, Audar, Avasari BK, Avhat, Avsari KH, Babhurdi, Bahul, Ballalwadi, Baramati Court, Baramati, Baramati MIDC, Barhanpur, Bari BK, Bawada, Bazarwadi, Beam Wirelee Station, Bebedhol, Belawade, Belawadi, Belha, Belsar, Bet Narayan Maharaj, Bhadas, Bhamburde, Bhandgaon, Bhandgaon, Bhatghar, Bhavaninagar, Pune, Bhigwan R S, Bhigwan, Bhimashankar, Bhivadi, Bhivari, Bhodani, Bhondave Wadi, Bhongavali, Bhor, Bhorghar, Bhorgiri, Bhose, Bhoyare, Bhugaon, Bhukum, Bhutonde, Bibi, Bijawadi, Bopgaon, Bori Aindi, Bori, Bori BK, Bori Paradhi, Boribyal, Burunjwadi, Chakan, Chambli, Chandkhed, Chandoli BK, Charoli BK, Chas, Chas, Pune, Chavand, Chikhalgaon, Chilewadi, Chimbli, Chinchani Camp, Chincholi, Chincholi, Chinchoshi, Cod Dehu Road, Dahitane, Dalaj, Dapode, Dapodi, Dasve Lavasa, Daund, Daundaj, Dawadi, Dawanewadi, Degaon, Dehane, Dehu Road Cantt, Dehu, Delwadi, Deulgaonraja, Devale, Dhakale, Dhamane, Dhamani, Dhamari, Dhangavadi, Dhanore, Dhanore, Dhekalwadi, Dholwad, Dimbhe Colony, Dingore, Diwa, Donda, Donje, Dorlewadi, Eklahare, Fulgaon, Gadad, Galandwadi, Ganegaon Dumala, Ganegaon Khalasa, Gangapur KH, Garade, Gawadewadi, Ghodegaon, Pune, Ghotavade, Ghotawadi, Ghotondi, Girawali, Girim, Godre, Gogalwadi, E, Gohe BK, Golegaon, Gopalwadi, Gulani, Gulunche, Gunawadi, Gunjalwadi, Gunjawane, Gurholi, Hargude, Harnas, Harni, Hatve BK, Hingangaon, Hingniberdi, Hirdoshi, Hivare, Hivare, Hivare BK, Hivare KH, Hol, I A T, Inamgaon, Indapur Bazar, Indapur, Induri, Inglun, Inglun, Ins Shivaji Lonavale, Jalgaon Kadepathar, Jambhali BK, Jambhori, Jambhut, Jategaon BK, Javalarjun, Jejuri, Jeur, Jhargadwadi, Jogwadi, Junnar, Kadadhe, Kadam Wak Wasti, Kadethan, Kadus, Kadve, Kaivalyadham, Kalamb, Kalamb, Pune, Kalas, Kalashi, Kaldari, Kalewadi, Kalthan, Kalus, Kalyan, Kambaleshwar, Kambegi, Kamdhenunagar, Kamshet, Kamthadi, Kanakwadi, Kandali, Kangaon, Kanhe, Kanhersar, Kanhur, Kapurhol, Karandi, Karandi BK, Karandi Khedebare, Karanjawane, Karanjawane, Karanje, Karanjgaon, Karawaghaj, Karda, Karegaon, Karegaon, Karhati, Kari, Karkhel, Karla, Karnawad, Karunj, Kasari, Kasarsai, Kashedi, Kashing, Kasurdi, Katfal, Kati, Katyachiwadi, Kawtha, Kazad, Kedgaon, Pune, Kelawade, Kendur, Kenjal, Kesnand, Ketkavale, Khadaki, Khadkumbe, Exptl, Khalad, Khalumbre, Khamboli, Khamgaon, Khamgaon BK, Khamundi, Khanapur, Khanapur, Khanapur Haveli, Khandaj, Khandala, Khandi, Khandobachi Wadi, Khangaon, Khanote, Kharoshi, Khechare, Khed Shivapur, Khed Shivapur Baug, Khodad, Khopodi, Khor, Khorochi, Khubi, Khutbhav, Kikvi, Kiwale, Kiwale, Kodapur, Kodit, Kohinde BK, Kolawade, Kolvadi, Kolvihire, Kolwadi, Kolwadi, Kolwan, Kondhanpur, Kondhapuri, Kondhawale, Kondhwal, Koregaon Bhima, Koregaon Bhivar, Koregaon Mul, Korhale BK, Korhale KH, Kothale, Koyali, Kude BK, Kule, Kunjirwadi, Kuran, Kuran BK, Kuravali, Kurkumbh, Kurkundi, Kuruli, Kurungwadi, Kurwande, Kurwandi, Kusgaon, Kusgaon, Kusgaon BK, Kushire BK, Kusur, Lakhangaon, Lakhewadi, Landewadi, Lasurna, Late, Lawale, Lonavala Bazar, Lonavala, Loni Bhapkar, Loni Deokar, Loni Dhamani, Loni Kalbhor, Lonikand, Madanwadi, Madh, Madhukarnagar Patas, Mahalunge Ingale, Mahalunge Padwal, Mahude BK, Mahur, Malad, Malad, Malawali, Male, Male, Malegaon BK, Malegaon IRR Colony, Malewadi, Malshiras, Malthan, Malthan, Manappawasti, Manchar, Mandave, Mandavgan Farata, Mandhar, Mandki, Mangaon, Mangrul, Manikdoh, Manjal Asani, Manjari BK, Manjari Farm, Margasni, Markal, Mavdi Kade Pathar, Medad, Mekhali, Midc Kurkumbh, Midc Ranjangaon Ganpati, Morgaon, Mose KH, Moshi, Mudhale, Mukhai, Murti Modhave, Murum, Muthe, Naiphad, Nalavane, Nandgaon, Nane, Nangaon, Nanvij, Narayangaon, Narodi, Nasrapur, Natambi, Nathachi Wadi, Naygaon, Naygaon, Nazare, Nazare Kade Pathar, Nere, Netwad, Nhavare, Nhavi, Nhavi, Nighoje, Nimbut, Nimgaon Bhogi, Nimgaon Ketki, Nimgaon Khed, Nimgaon Mahalungi, Nimgaon Sava, Nimgiri, Nimone, Nimsakhar, Nira R S, Nirawaghaj, Nirgude, Nirgude, Nirgudsar, Nirvi, Nirwangi, Ordanance Dep Talegaon Dabhade, Ordnance Factory Dehu Road, Osade, Otur, Ozar, Pabal, Pabe, Padvi, Pait, Palasdeo, Palu, Panawadi, Pandare, Pandheshwar, Pangare, Pangari, Panshet, Pargaon, Pargaon Memane, Pargaon Tarfe Ala, Pargaon Tarfe Avasari, Pargaon Tarfe Khed, Pargaon Tarfe Madh, Parinche, Parunde, Parwadi, Pasure, Patas, Paud, Pawananagar, Perne, Peth, Pune, Phulawade, Phursungi, Pimpalgaon Joga, Pimpalgaon Mahalunge, Pimpalgaon Tarfa Narayangaon, Pimpalgaon Tarfe Chakan, Pimpalgaon Tarfe Ghoda, Pimpali, Pimpalwandi, Pune, Pimparkhed, Pimple, Pimpri, Pimpri BK, Pimpri BK, Pimpri Pendhar, Pimpri Sandas, Pingori, Pirangut, Pisarve, Pisavare, Pokhari, Pomgaon, R P T S Khandala, Rahu, Rahu Pimpalgaon, Rajegaon, Rajewadi, Rajgurunagar, Rajpur, Rajur, Rajuri, Rajuri, Rakh, Rangaon, Ranjane, Ranjangaon Ganpati, Ranjangaon Sandas, Ranjani, Ranmala, Rase, Ravangaon, Ravet, Rayari, Redni, Retwadi, Rihe, Rohokadi, Roti, Rule, S R P F Daund, Saburdi, Sadalgaon, Sadumbre, Sahajpurwadi, Sakhar, Sakore, Sakori Tarfe Belha, Sakurde, Sal, Salumbre, Sanaswadi, Sandbhorwadi, Exptl, Sangamner, Sangavi, Sangrun, Sangvi, Sansar, Sapkalwadi, Sarati, Sarole, Saswad, Sate, Saval, Savargaon, Savindane, Saygaon, Shelgaon, Shere, Shetfalgade, Shetphal Haveli, Shiavane, Shikrapur, Shind, Shindavane, Shindewadi, Shinoli, Shirapur, Shirasane, Shirasgaonkata, Shiravali, Shirgaon, Shirgaon, Shirkoli, Shiroli B K, Shiroli, Shirsatwadi, Shirsuphal, Shirur, Pune, Shivajinagar, Shivali, Shivare, Shivari, Shive, Shivnagar, Shriprayagdham, Solu, Someshwarnagar, Sonari, Songaon, Sopannagar, Supa, Pune, Survad, Takali Bhima, Takave KH, Takawe BK, Taklihaji, Talegaon Dabhade, Talegaon Dhamdhere, Talegaon G H, Taleghar, Taleran, Tambad, Tambe, Tandali, Tandulwadi, Taparewadi, Tav, Tavshi, Tekawade, Telewadi, Theur, Thugaon, Tirpad, Titeghar, Tiwai Hills, Tokawade, Tondal, Udapur, Udhat, Umbraj, Umbre Navlakh, Undawadi K P, Undawadi Supa, Uralgaon, Uravade, Urse, Uruli Devachi, Urulikanchan, Utchil, Utroli, Vada, Pune, Vadaj, Vadapuri, Vadebholhai, Vadeshwar, Vadgaon Anand, Vadgaon Dalache, Vadgaon Ghenanad, Vadgaon Kandali, Vadgaon Kashimbeg, Vadgaon Nimbalkar, Vadgaon Peer, Vadgaon Rasai, Vadgaon, Pune, Vadgaon Sahani, Vadhu BK, Vadki, Vagholi, Valati, Valha, Vanpuri, Vaphgaon, Varale, Vardade, Varkute KH, Varodi KH, Varoti BK, Varude, Varude, Varvand, Varye BK, Vasuli, Veer, Vehergaon, Velhe, Velu, Velvand, Venavadi, Vetale, Vishnupuri, Vithalwadi, Vyahali, Waghapur, Waki, Waki BK, Walchandnagar, Walki, Walunj, Wangani, Washere, Watluj, Winzer, Yavat R S, Yavat, Yedgaon, Yenere, Yeniye BK, Abhepuri, Adarki BK, Adarki Khurd, Adul, Agashivnagar, Ahir, Ahire, Akoshi, Alewadi, Ambale, Ambavade KHD, Ambavade S Wagholi, Ambawade, Ambawade, Ambawade S Koregaon, Ambedare Bk, Ambheri, Ambheri, Ambrag, Ambrule, Anapatwadi, Andhali, Andhari, Andori, Andrud, Anewadi, Angapur Vandan, Antavadi, Apati, Apshinge, Rahimatpur, Apshinge, Aradgaon, Arale, Are, Arewadi, Arvi, Asagaon Vasahat, Asale, Asangaon, Asani, Asare, Asawali, Asia Plato, Asu, Atake, Atit, Atit, Aundh, Avarde, Bahule, Baleghar, Bamanoli, Bambawade, Bamnoli Tarf Kudal, Banavadi, Banghar, Bannawadi Colony, Banpuri, Banpuri, Barad, Bavdhan, Bawada, Belawade BK, Belawade Haveli, Belawade KH, Beldare, Bhadale, Bhade, Bhaktawadi, Bhanang, Bharatgaon Wadi, Bhatmarali, Bhilar, Bhiwadi, Bhogaon, Bholi, Bhosare, Bhose, Bhuinj, Bhurkawadi, Bibhavi, Bibi, Bibi, Patan, Bichukale, Bidal, Bijawadi, Birmani, Birwadi, Bombale, Bondri, Bopardi, Bopoli, Boposhi, Borgaon Agricultural School, Borgaon, Borgaon, Borgaon BK, Borjaiwadi, Borkhal, Budh, Budhawar Naka Satara, Chachegaon, Chanchali, Chandak, Chaphal, Charegaon, Chavanwadi, Chavanwadi, Chikhalewadi, Chikhali, Chikhali, Masur, Chimangaon, Chinchaner S Nimb, Chinchaner Vandan, Chindhawali, Chitali, Chopadi, Chorade, Chore, Dadholi, Dahigaon, Dahivad, Dahivadi, Dapavadi, Dare Khurd, Daruj, Daulat Nagar, Satara, Degaon Shirgaon, Degaon Tambe, Dervan, Deur, Devapur, Dhamner, Dhamni, Dharpudi, Dhavadi, Dhaval, Dhawad Wadi, Dhawadshi, Dhebewadi, Dhom, Dhondewadi, K Khatav, Dhondewadi, Dhoroshi, Dhudhebavi, Dhuldev, Dhumalwadi, Diskal Mol, Divad, Divashi BK, Divashi Khrud, Dixi, Dund, Ekambe, Eksare, Gajavadi, Galmewadi, Gamewadi, Ganje, Garwade, Gavadi, Gavdoshi, Ghadgewadi, Gharewadi, Ghogaon, Ghosatawadi, Ghot, Girvi, Gogave, Gojegaon, Gokhali, Gondavale BK, Gondavale KHD, Gopuj, Goregaon Vangi, Govare, Govare, Gove, Gudhe, Gulumb, Gunavare, Gursale, Hajarmachi, Harchandi, Hateghar, Hatlot, Helgaon, Helwak, Hingangaon, Hivare, Hol, Holichagaon, Humgaon, Indoli, Injabav, ITI Satara, Jaigaon, Jakatwadi, Jakhangaon, Jalagewadi, Jalav, Jalgaon, Jamb, Kikali, Jamb Budruk, Jamb Khurd, Jamb, Khatav, Janugadewadi, Javale, Javli, Jihe, Jinti, Ond, Jinti, Jinti , Kadavebudruk, Kadegaon, Kadhane, Kalaj, Kalambe, Kalambe, Kalambi, Kalawade, Kale, Satara, Kaledhon, Kalgaon, Kalgaon, Umbraj, Kameri, Kanher akale, Kanher Khed, Kanheri, Kanur, Kapil Goleshwar, Kapshi, Karad, Karadcity, Karandi, Kudal, Karandi, Karanjkhop, Karavadi, Kari, Karnawadi, Karve, Kasarshirambe, Kashil, Kasur, Katahapur, Katarkhatav, Katgun, Kavathe, Kavathe , Kedambe, Kelghar, Keloli, Kenjal, Keral, Khale, Khanapur, Khandala Bavada, Kharshi, Kharshi, Khatav, Khatgun, Khed, Nandgiri, Khed BK, Khed, Wadhe, Khingar, Khodshi, Khojewadi, Khubi, Khunte, Kidgaon, Kikali, Kindawadi, Kinhai, Kiroli, Kisanveernagar, Kival, Kodoli, Kodoli, Karad, Kokisare, Kokrale, Kole, Satara, Kolewadi, Kolki, Satara, Kondave Satara, Konegaon, Koparde, Lonand, Koparde, Koparde Haveli, Koregaon City, Koregaon, Korivale, Koriwale, Korti, Koyna, Kshetra Mahabaleshwar , Kshetra Mahuli, Kudal, Satara, Kukudwad, Kulakjai, Kumathe, Kumathe Nagache, Kumbhargaon, Kumbhroshi, Kumthe, Kuroli Sidheshwar, Kuroshi, Kusawade, Kusrund, Kusumbi, Kuthare, Ladegaon, Lalgun, Lhasurne, Limbgove, Loham, Lonand, Loni, Loni, Machutar, Mahableshwar, Mahigaon, Mahimangad, Mahind, Majgaon, Majgaon, Malawadi, Maldan, Malgaon, Malharpeth Karad, Malkapur Karad, Maloshi, Mamurdi, Mandave, Mandave, Mandhardev, Mandrul Haveli, Mandrulkole, Mane Wadi, Mangalwar Peth Karad, Mangalwar Peth Satara, Marali, Marali, Chore, Mardhe, Mardi, Mariaichiwadi, Market yarad Phaltan, Market Yard Karad, Marul, Marul Haveli, Masur, Satara, Mayani, Medha, Menavali, Mendh, Mendhoshi, Met Gutad, Mhasoli, Mhasurne, Mhasvad, Mhasve, Mhate BK, Mhavshi, Mhavshi, Mhopre, MIDC Satara, Mohat , Mohi, Mol, Diskal, Morale, Morawale, Morghar, Morgiri, Morve, Mouje Tasgaon, Munawale, Mundhe, Murud, Nade, Nadoli, Nagewadi, Nagthane, Nagzari, Naigaon, Naigaon, Nandal, Nandalapur, Nandawal, Nandgaon, Ond, Nandgaon, Nandoshi, Nanegaon BK, Nanegaon KH, Naravane, Narayanwadi, Natoshi, Navadi, Navaja, Ner, Nhavi BK, Nidhal, Nigadi, Nigadi Masur, Nigadi Tarf, Nimbhore, Nimblak, Nimsod, Nirgudi, Nisare, Nisrale, Nitral, Nune, Nune, Ogalewadi, Ond, Ozarde, Pachvad, Pachvad, Padal, Padali, Lonand, Padali Masur, Padali Ninam, Padegaon, Padegaon, Padloshi, Pal, Palasgaon, Palashi, Vaduth, Palashi, Palshi, Man, Palshi, Panchgani, Pande, Pangari, Paparde, Parali, Parkhandi, Parle, Paryanti, Pasarni, Patan, Satara, Patkhal, Patole Khadaki, Pawar Wadi, Perale, Petpar, Petri, Phaltan, Phulenagar Wai, Pimpaloshi, Pimpari, K Khatav, Pimpari, Pimpode BK, Pimpode KH, Pimprad, Pimpre BK, Pimpri, Man, Pingali BK, Potale, Pratapgad, Pulkoti, Pusegaon, Pusesavali, Rahimatpur, Rahude, Raigaon, Rajachekurle, Rajale, Rajapuri, Rajapuri, Budh, Rajuri, Ranand, Ranashingwadi, Randulabad, Ranjani, Rasati, Rautwadi, Rawadi BK, Rethare BK, Rethare KH, Revadi, Riswad, Rohot, Rui, Sadawaghapur, Saidapur, Saigaon, Saikade, Sajjangad, Sajur, Sakharwadi, Sakurdi, Salave, Salpe, Salshirambe, Sanbur, Sangamnagar Satara, Sangavi, Sangvad, Sanpane, Sap, Sarde, Sarjapur, Sarkalwadi , Sartale, Saskal, Saspade, Sasurve, Saswad, Lonand, Satara City, Satara, Satararoad, Savade, Savarghar, Shahupuri Satara, Shamgaon, Shantinagar, Shapur, Shenawadi, Shendre, Shendurjane, Shendurjane, Shenoli, Shere, Sherechiwadi, Shinde Khurd, Shindenagar, Shindewadi, Shingnapur, Shirambe, Shirawade, Shirdhon, Shirgaon, Shirgaon, Umbraj, Shirsawadi, Shirval, Shivajinagar, Shivnagar, Shivthar, Shripalvan, Shukarwar Peth Phaltan, Somanthali, Somardi, Sonaichi Wadi, Sonat, Sonavadi, Sonawade, Songaon, Songaon, Songaon, Sonke, Sukhed, Supane, Surali, Surawadi, Surli, Surur, Tadavale S Koregaon, Tadavale, Vaduj, Tadawale, Talbid, Taldeo, Taliye, Talmavale, Tambave, Lonand, Tambave, Tamkane, Tandulwadi, Tapola, Taradgaon, Tarale, Tardaf, Targaon, Tarukh, Tasavade, Tembu, Tetali, Thathavada, Thomase, Thoseghar, Tilak Path Karad, Tondale, Tondoshi, Trimali, Triputi, Tulsan, Udtare, Umarkanchan, Umbraj, Undale, Upalave, Urul, Vadale, Vadgaon, Vadgaon Haveli, Vadgaon J S, Vadjal, Vadoli Bhikeshwar, Vadoli Nileshwar, Vaduj, Vaduj Town, Vaduth, Vahagaon, Vaigaon, Vajroshi, Vakhari, Valuth, Vanzole, Vardhangad, Varkute Malawadi, Varkute Mhasvad, Varne, Varoshi, Varud, Varunji, Varye, Vasantgad, Vasole, Vathar BK, Vathar KH, Vathar Kiroli, Vathar Nimbalkar, Vathar, Vavarhire, Vechale, Velang, Velapur, Vele, Kamthi, Vele, Velu, Venegaon, Vennanagar, Vetane, Vidani, Vidyanagar Karad, Vihe, Vihe Vasahat, Vikhale, Vikhale, Virali, Viravade, Virmade, Visapur, Vyahali, Vyajawadi, Wadhe, Wagheri, Wagholi, Wai City, Wai, Wakeshwar, Wing, Shirwal, Wing, Yadogopal Peth, Yashvantnagar, Yelgaon, Yeliv, Yenke, Yenkul, Yenpe, Yeoti, Yerad, Yeralwadi, Yeravale, Yerphale, Yevateshwar, Zanzwad, Agasti SSK, Aklapur, Akole, Ambhol, Ambhore, Ambi, Aradgaon, Ashvi BK, Ashvi Kd, Astgaon, Babhleshwar, Badgi, Baragaon Nandur, Bari, Belapur Badgi, Belapur Kd, Belapur, Belpimpalgaon, Bhalgaon, Bhamathan, Bhanashivara, Bhandardara, Bhende SK, Bherdapur, Bhojade, Bhojdari, Bhokar, Bota, Bramhangaon, Bramhanwada, Chandanapuri, Chandekasare, Changdeonagar, Chas, Chasnali, Chikalthan, Chikani, Chikhali, Chinchale, Chinchavane, Chincholi Bk, Chincholi Gurav, Chinchpur BK, Chitali, Chitalvedhe, Dadh BK, Dahigaon Bolka, Dedgaon, Deogaon, Deogaon, Deolali Pravara, Deothan, Derde Korhale, Dhamangaon Awari, Dhamanvan, Dhamngaon Pat, Dhamori, Dhandharphal, Dharangaon, Dhokari, Dhotre, Dolasane, Dongargaon, Ekdara, Ekrukhe, Fatyabad, Galnimb, Galnimb, Ganeshnagar, Sangamner, Ganore, Gardani, Georai, Ghargaon, Ghatghar, Ghogargaon, Godhegaon, Gogalgaon, Gondegaon, Gondhavani, Guha, Harigaon, Hasanapur, Hivargaon Pathar, Hiwargaon Pawasa, Jalgaon, Jalke Kd, Jambhali, Jambut, Jawale Baleshwar, Jawale Kadlag, Jawalke, Jeur, Jeur Kumbhari, Jorve, Kalas Bk, Kamalpur, Kanadgaon, Kangar, Kanhegaon, Kanoli, Karandi, Karanji Bk, Karegaon, Karegaon Factory, Karwadi, Katalapur, Kawathe Kamaleshwar, Keli Kotul, Keli Rumhanwadi, Kelwad, Khandala Nandur, Khandgaon, Kharshinde, Khedle Kajali, Khirdi, Khirvire, Khokar, Kohane, Kokamthan, Kokangaon, Kolewadi, Kolgaon Thadi, Kolhar Kd, Kolhar, Ahmed Nagar, Kolhewadi, Kolpewadi, Kombhalane, Kondhwad, Kopargaon Bet, Kopargaon, Korhale, Kothe BK, Kotul, Kukana, Kumbhari, Kumbhephal, Kuran, Kuthe Malkapur, Lakh, Lavhali Otur, Laxmiwadi, Lingdeo, Lohare Mirpur, Lohgaon, Loni Bk, Loni Kd, Lonkarwasti, Madhi BK, Mahegaon Deshmukh, Maldad, Malegaon, Malegaon Thadi, Malewadi, Malunja, Malunja BK, Malunja Kd, Malvadgaon, Mamdapur, Mandve Bk, Mandve Kd, Manhere, Manjari, Manjur, Manori, Matapur, Maveshi, Maygaon Devi, Mhaisgaon, Mukindpur, Mulanagar, Murme, Deogad, Murshatpur, Musalwadi, Muthalane, Muthkhel, Nanaj Dumala, Nandur Khandarmal, Nanduri Dumala, Narsali, Naur, Nevasa Bk, Nevasa, Nilwande, Nimaj, Nimbhere, Nimgaon Bhojapur, Nimgaon Bk, Nimgaon Jali, Nimgaon Khairi, Nimgaon Tembhi, Nimon, Nipani Vadgaon, Pachegaon, Padalane, Padhegaon, Padhegaon, Padoshi, Palsunde, Pangari, Panodi, Paregaon BK, Pathare Kd, Pathre Bk, Pemgiri, Pimpalgaon Depa, Pimpalgaon Khad, Pimpalgaon Matha, Pimpalgaon Nakvinda, Pimpalgaon Nipani, Pimparane, Pimparkane, Pimplwadi, Pimpri Lauki, Pimpri Nirmal, Pohegaon, Pravaranagar, Puntamba, Rahata, Rahuri Factory, Rahuri MPKV, Rahuri, Rahuri Town, Rajapur, Rajur, Rajuri, Ramdoh, Rampur, Ranad Bk, Ranjangaon Deshmukh, Ranjangaon Kd, Ravande, Rui, Rumbhodi, Sakarwadi, Sakirwadi, Sakur, Sakuri, Salabatpur, Samnapur, Samsherpur, Samvatsar, Sangamner, Sangamner SK, Sangvi, Sangvi Bhusar, Sarole Pathar, Satewadi, Savali Vihir BK, Savali Vihir Farm, Savargaon Ghule, Savargaon Pat, Savargaon Tal, Shedgaon, Shenit, Shinganapur, Shingave, Shirasgaon, Shirasgaon, Shirasgaon, Shirdi, Shrirampur, Sonewadi, Songaon, Subhashwadi, Sukewadi, Suregaon, Tahakari, Taharabad, Takali, Takalibhan, Taklimiya, Talegaon Dighe, Tambhere, Tambhol, Tandulwadi, Tarwadi, Telkudgaon, Thugaon BK, Tilaknagar, Ahmed Nagar, Tirdhe, Tisgaon, Toka, Udadawane, Ukkalgaon, Umbargaon, Undirgaon, Usthal Dumala, Vadala Mahadeo, Vadgaon Landaga, Vadgaon Pan, Valan, Varkhed, Varshinde, Varudi Pathar, Vavrath, Velapur, Virgaon, Vithe, Waghapur, Waghapur, Wakadi, Wakadi, Waki, Waranghushi, Wari, Warwandi, Yesgaon, Zarekathi, Achegaon, Agalgaon, Aherwadi, Akkalkot, Akolekati, Angar, Anjangaon Khilobache, Ankalge, Ankoli, Antroli, Arali, Ashok Chowk, Ashti, Solapur, Auj, Aundhi, Aurad, Babalad, Babhulgaon, Badole BK, Bagehalli, Bale, Barhanpur, Barshi, Barur, Basalegaon, Bavi, Bazarpeth Mohol, Belati, Bhalgaon, Bhandar Kavathe, Bhatambre, Bhurikavathe, Bitle, Boramani, Borgaon, Boroti, Chapalgaon, Chare, Chikharde, Chikkehalli, Chumb, Chungi, Dahitane, Dahitne, Daji Peth, Darfalbibi, Darfalgavadi, Darganhalli, Dayanand College, Degaon , Valuj , Degaon, Deodi, Deogaon, Dhamangaon, Dhokbabhulgaon, Dhotri, Dombarjawalge, Dongaon, Dudhani, Ekrukhe, Gadegaon, Gaudgaon, Gaudgaon, Ghanegaon, Ghari, Ghatane, Ghodeshwar, Gholasgaon, Gogaon, Gormale, Gotewadi, Gulpoli, Gunjegaon, Gurunanak Nagar, Hagloor, Haidra, Halduge, Hanjagi, Hannur, Hattij, Hattikanbus, Hattur, Hiraj, Hiware, Honmurgi, Honsal, Hotgi, Hotgigaon, Ichgaon, Indiranagar, Solapur, Ingalgi, Irle, Jamgaon , Agalgaon, Jamgaon , Pangari, Javalgaon, Jawaharlal Nehru Vastigrah, Jeur , Akkalkot, Jule Solapur, K V Nagar Barshi, Kadabgaon, Kajikanbus, Kalambwadi, Kalman, Kamati Khurd, Kanbus, Gangadhar, Kandalgaon, Karajagi, Solapur, Karamba, Kardehalli, Kari, Karjal, Kasegaon, Kategaon, Kauthali, Kavathe, Kavhe, Kegaon, Khairao, Khamgaon, Khandali, Khandvi, Khuneshwar, Kini, Kolegaon, Kondi, Konheri, Koravali, Korphale, Korsegaon, Kumathe, Kumbhari, Kurnoor, Kurul, Kuslumb, Kusur, Lamboti, Limbichincholi, Londewadi, Maindargi, Malegaon, Vairag, Malegaon, Malikpeth, Malkavathe, Malvandi, Mandegaon, Mandrup, Manegaon, Mangalwar Peth, Solapur, Mangrul, Mardi, Market Yard Barshi, Market Yard Solapur, Masale Chaudhari, Medical College, Solapur, Mhaisalge, Midc Chincholi, Midc Solapur, Mohol, Motyal, Mouje Tadvale, Mugali, Mulegaon, Mundewadi, Musti, Nagansur, Nagore, Nai Zindagi, Nanaj, Solapur, Nandani, Nari, Narkhed, Navi Peth Solapur, Navindgi, Nimbargi, Padsali, Pakani, Pandhari, Pangaon, Solapur, Pangri, Papari, Pathari, Patkul, Pennur, Pimpalgaon, Pitapur, Pokharapur, Raleras, Ranmasale, Ratanjan, Ruddewadi, Sadar Bazar, Solapur, Safale, Sakat, Sakhar Peth, Salgar, Sangvi Budruk, Sarole, Sasure, Satan Dudhani, Savaleshwar, Sayyed Virwade, Shaval, Shelgaon, Shendri, Shetphal, Shingadgaon, Shirale, Shirapur, Solapur, Shiraval, Shivshahi, Shripat Pimpari, Sidheswar Peth, Sinnur, Sohale, Solapur City, Solapur, Solapur Mkt , Solapur Vidyapeeth, Sondare, Soregaon, SRPF Camp Solapur, Subhash Nagar Barshi, Suler Jawalage, Surdi, Tadsoundane, Tadwal , Hotagi, Takali, Takali Sikandar, Tambole, Tandulwadi, Tikekarwadi, Tirhe, Tolnur, Torni, Tulsidas Nagar, Udagi, Ukadgaon, Ule, Umarge, Umbarge, Umedpur, Upalai , Thonge , Upale Dhumala, Vadala, Vairag, Valsang, Valuj, Vinchur, Virvade, Wadwal, Wafale, Wagadari, Wakav, Wangi, Yavali, Yawali, Yeoti, Vikrampur